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Kathy Bigott


its been over a month and my custom url is still not working.  today I called fat cow, read the instructions to the tech person. They inform

me they are quite sure it is set up correctly.  If it's not working in the next day or two, what good is my website here doing me ?   No one can

seem to get working.  why is this so difficult. very frustrated

Axel McCarthy

Super frustrating

Kathy, you sound very frustrated, and I would be if I were you too. The sad truth is that sometimes the customer support folks at a registrar want to close their ticket quickly rather than actually help their customer. 

Whomever you're talking to over at FatCow is definitely not correct when they say it's set up properly. They have not followed the instructions on setting up your custom URL. They need to set up a CNAME for www, and there is no www CNAME for your domain. You need a redirect for your base domain to www, and there simply is no redirect set up. They have an "A" record for www pointing to IP address -- not an IP address under our control. There should be no A record at all.

I hope you don't give up, Kathy! This is basic blocking and tackling for a domain registrar. They should be able to set this up in two minutes. If I were in your shoes I would either get another support tech at FatCow to fix it -- or just switch your domain to another registrar that has better support. 

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