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Jules Paull

Background wallpaper size

Can you make the custom background allowance bigger as an option? I know you say you have a low limit to keep the site fast but most website background papers you can buy are much bigger and its very frustrating. there are very few design features available in templates so it would be good to be able to at least add our own

Axel McCarthy

Can you scale it down to fit?

The reason we don't allow super large background files is that a percentage of your users will be visiting the site over mobile devices. We don't want them to have to download some 250MB picture over their mobile connection when they're going to be looking at it in a seven inch tablet anyway.

That said we certainly want our customers to be able to use whatever custom backgrounds they want. Maybe resizing the image before you upload it could take care of it... for example let's say you have a 5000px wide PNG photograph. You could resize that to 1000px across, save it as a JPG at 80% quality, and you might see it shrink to one tenth of its original size with no discernible difference in quality.

How big are the backgrounds you want to use?

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