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Blog Editing and Colors

Is there any way I can change the colors of words within a blog post?  I tried writing my post and cutting and pasting into the blog editor, but all text features were removed (bullet points, colors, etc).

Also, I would love to be able to center my photos that I'm including in my post, but it seems only left or right justification is available.

Thank you in advance for any help.


Axel McCarthy

Colors and Centering

Hi Lisa,

Sorry for the late reply.

There's no direct support for coloring text in the rich text editor -- we don't encourage that, because if you specify colors in a specific page or post, then you won't be able to change colors globally using the design > basics page on your dashboard. In other words, if you use a specific kind of green in 100 blog posts that looks good with your current theme, when you switch to a pink theme later, those 100 blog posts will still have that specific green in them! You'd have to edit 100 posts manually to fix it. Yech.

We think it's better to use the "header" styles and plain old normal text; that way you have full control over font and color and so on, and your site is consistently styled no matter what.

That said -- if you really want to have a certain word green, for example, you can drop into the HTML editor by clicking on Source and adding a span. Here's an example:

  <p>My wife has beautiful <span style="color: green">green</span> eyes.</p>

When it comes to centering images, you can definitely do that. Put your cursor directly to the left of the image and then push the "Center Justification" button on the rich text editor. It'll be centered. (As you've probably noticed, the "left" and "right" settings with the image refer to "floating" the image so that the text goes on either side of it. Centering an image is where you don't want any text at all to the left or right.)

Hope this helps!


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