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Mobile Friendly Google Test

Following on from the previous thread, I’m experiencing the same problem.  I was checking with my IndieMade url.  Images below show the results.

(well I would have pasted the images, but can't figure out how to do that in this message box!)

Additionally, I have my custom URL redirected via GoDaddy to my IndieMade url – is that part of the problem?

Thanks for any advice.


(edited to add - here's a link to the images on my Google Drive)

Axel McCarthy

You're using Paper, not yet responsive

Hi Lisa,

You're currently using the Paper theme, one of our older themes. This hasn't been made "responsive" yet, so it's not as friendly with mobile devices as some of our other themes. We're working on making Paper responsive, so you can either wait -- you'll get that update automatically, as soon as it is ready -- or you can switch to a responsive theme. Most of our customers are on Underscore or Austin, both of which are responsive. (You won't lose any data or settings if you switch themes.)

Regarding your custom URL -- you can certainly do a redirect from GoDaddy like you are now. But it's better if you configure it so that only your custom URL,, appears in your browser bar. This user guide page describes what to do; at the bottom there is a link for GoDaddy that you can follow step by step.

Hope this helps,



Thanks so much Axel for the

Thanks so much Axel for the speedy response and explanation.  I've changed my theme to _Underscore and quite like it, also checked it out on my iPhone and looks GREAT!

Thanks also fro the info about the custom URL.  That will be next on my list of things to sort out.  Appreciate all the support you and the others IndieMade are providing.  It's a welcome change from where I came from!

Hope you have a happy Sunday!


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