Responsive Theme Leaf and "Google mobile friendly test"

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Kaz Palladino

Responsive Theme Leaf and "Google mobile friendly test"


I currently use the Leaf theme. I know it is Mobile Friendly, but does not appear so when I open the site on a mobile device.  The font is small and general looks like a shrunken version of the desktop site.  Is there some option I need to check to enable the mobile friendliness?  Google's Mobile Friendly Test tells me:

Text too small to read

Links too close together

Mobile viewport not set


I am using my own custom URL, if that has anything to do with the situation.

Thank you for providing such cool tools for us to play with :)

Axel McCarthy

You guessed right - your custom URL isn't set up properly

Kaz, I went to the Google mobile friendly page to check on your site. It passed just fine on the URL:

Google Says it's Mobile Friendly

However, when visiting it via your custom URL it is not mobile-friendly. That's because you've "framed" your site, instead of setting up the custom URL to "point" to the IndieMade URL. This is a super common mistake.

You can tell it's not working properly because as you click around your site, the URL in your browser bar never changes. You'll want to get this fixed, Kat -- not only because you want to be mobile friendly but also because framing your site like this can break sharing from Facebook and others, it harms your search engine optimization a bit, and some other issues. 

Visit your account pages at and you'll see a little warning message saying the custom URL isn't configured properly. Click on "Get Help" and you can see what steps you need to take. There are also good walkthroughs in the user guide under how to set up a custom URL

And if you need personal help just open a support ticket

Hope this helps!

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