Automatically Collect and Display Testimonials with Spectoos

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Jessica Horvath

Automatically Collect and Display Testimonials with Spectoos

Positive reviews are a great way to prove your worth and give your customers (and you!) a big confidence boost. There are many applications out there you can use to automate testimonial collecting and sharing. One tool I wanted to show you guys today is the Spectoos Faceboard.

Here’s a few things that I like about Spectoos…

  • Simplicity. The commenter simply enters their testimonial on your special page. You get email notification and then approve the new testimonial in a couple clicks. Done. Embedding the testimonial widget is really easy too with just a little bit ‘o code on an IndieMade page. I’ll show you how below ;)
  • Affordability. Yes even your tiny indie budget can afford Spectoos. There are two plans: free forever and professional ($10/month). You can collect unlimited testimonials on both plans. The free plan only lets you show one testimonial at a time. The professional allows up to twelve. So if you’re collecting loads of testimonials and want to show them off, you can make the upgrade and not break the bank.
  • Mobile friendly. Spectoos is responsive, so it pairs nicely with your responsive theme. Check it out in Pilot here... mobile view of Spectoos
  • The Spectoos team is also very nice, and they’re eager to know what you think. Spectoos is in beta, so now is a good time to try out their product and share your feedback.

Signing Up & Getting Testimonials

You can sign up for Spectoos here:

You only need to give them a name, password, and email, which you’ll need to confirm to activate the account.

Next you’ll be prompted to upload your image and enter some info for your testimonial form request page. This is the page where customers will go to enter their feedback.

modify testimonial page on Spectoos

When you’re all done, copy or bookmark that link to your testimonial request page. You will need it later.

Next you are going to want someone to write a testimonial for display. It’s best now to ask a friend or a special customer at this point to go to your testimonial form via the link you just copied and write up some flattering comments about your business.

After the testimonial is submitted, you’ll be getting an email from Spectoos with a link to your Spectoos dashboard, so you can take a look at the new comment.

To approve the new comment for display, all you need to do is click on that eye icon.

Testimonial eye icon-Spectoos

Embedding Your Testimonials Page and Sharing Your Form

You don’t need to be a master coder to embed your testimonials on IndieMade. First, you need to decide whether you’re going to use a dedicated page for testimonials or if you want to add them to an existing page, like your homepage or about page.

In either case, you’ll want to go to the IndieMade Dashboard > Content > Pages and get into the page’s editing mode. Then you want to click on Source to enter your code. Your Spectoos code can be found under the Embed Faceboard tab of your Spectoos dashboard.

Embed Faceboard Code Spectoos

Copy that code and then simply paste it into the body of your page where you want the code to appear.

Embedding Spectoos Code on IndieMade

I also added a link to my request testimonial page beneath my faceboard slider. You can add your own link too by entering this link tag -- just be sure to change the URL:

<p>Want to share your love for our store? <a href="">You can share your own testimonial here.</a></p>

Be sure to save your work and then go check out your masterpiece :)

Spectoos Faceboard on IndieMade

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with Spectoos or other testimonial applications in the comments below.

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