Copying Etsy reviews

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Katrina Meister

Copying Etsy reviews

I would like to copy some of my Etsy reviews to a Reviews page on my IM site.

Is there an easy way to do that?

Breanna Daughtridge


I looked around and sure couldnt find a way.

What I ended up doing is, loggin out of etsy and screen shot my Feedback page a little at a time.  Cropping and creating a new page for them all on IM site.

I did it so they are in groups of 3-4 and the "header" with my total is on it's ok.  So I can easily just add more photos later plug more recent in. 

It's not perfect but this is what I got

Katrina Meister

Thank you

Breanna, Thank you. I like the way that looks. Will give it a try. Your work is beautiful and your website looks great. Our IM website has been worthwhile but not as many sales as we would like. And Etsy has been down for us this year. We are concentrating on finding more wholesael accounts for our cards. Favorited your Etsy shop, liked your FB page and following you on Twitter. Best regards, Katrina

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