Email Your Blog Posts Automatically with RSS!

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Jessica Horvath

Email Your Blog Posts Automatically with RSS!

E-newsletter services are making it super easy for bloggers to share their posts via email digests. For busy indie sellers, like you, this style of marketing is a big time saver because you only have to publish the content once, and it’ll appear on your site and your fans’ inboxes.

Today I’m going to share the instructions for using RSS-to-email with MailChimp. Keep in mind the steps are about the same with any e-news platform, so this is good stuff to read even if you don’t use MailChimp.

1.) First you’ll want to log in at

2.) Click on Create Campaign and select RSS-Driven Campaign.

Select RSS Driven Campaign

3.) Next, paste in your blog’s RSS URL into the “RSS Feed URL” field. You can copy this URL by clicking on the RSS button and copying the address. 

schedule campaign

4.) Then you’ll need to select your campaign’s schedule. The newsletter can be sent out daily, weekly, or monthly.

5.) Hit “Next” and follow the prompts to select recipients and template.

6.) When you design the layout of your email, be sure to include the RSS Header (your blog’s title) and RSS items (post title + post content) where you want to see the blog content.

rss blocks

7.) Start your campaign.

8.) You’re done! The email will send as you’ve specified only if there’s updated content to send.

Want to get a closer look at MailChimp's documentation? You can check it out here.

Axel McCarthy

Don't use spaces in your image filenames

If you have image filenames with spaces in them, they can appear as broken images when mailed by MailChimp. Just use hyphens or underscores in your picture filenames and they'll work fine.

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