Two Ways You Can Integrate with Etsy

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Jessica Horvath

Two Ways You Can Integrate with Etsy

We wanted to share two ways you can seamlessly integrate your store with Etsy, so you can make selling and marketing your products easier.

1.) Connect

Many of you are already using Connect, but let’s recap. Connect allows you to maintain inventories of products you’re selling on IndieMade and Etsy simultaneously. When a product sells on IndieMade, the product will automatically reduce stock in Etsy and vice versa. Similarly, you can add products in IndieMade and “push” the new listing to Etsy. Connect is a feature available to Pro and Plus members.

It’s pretty simple! But here are some facts that can trip people up…

When you use Connect to add listings, you can only push products from IndieMade to Etsy -- not Etsy to Indiemade. In other words, if you want to add a product only once (and who doesn’t?), add the product in IndieMade and push to Etsy.

When you push or add new products in IndieMade, they appear as drafts in Etsy. You can view your Etsy drafts by going to your Listings Manager and selecting the Draft tab.

Changes to product listings in IndieMade will automatically occur in Etsy, but only if you adjust your settings. There are three checkboxes in the Connect settings, which will allow you to auto-list, auto-delete, and auto-update. To find these settings, go to your dashboard and select Website > Connect, and scroll to Product Listings. Be especially careful with “Automatically delete products on Etsy” because, yes, any product you manually delete from IndieMade will be deleted from Etsy.

Got more questions? Just send an email to

Full instructions for Connect are available here.

2.) Etsy Mini

Another way to integrate your Etsy shop with your IndieMade site is to add an Etsy Mini to your main content page or sidebar. Here’s an Etsy Mini that was embedded on a page in White Peach Pottery’s IndieMade shop:

Sellers can build a Mini in Etsy by going to “Your Shop” and selecting the Etsy Mini link under Promotions on the left side of the page. When you’ve selected all your options, you should see a code for your widget. You can paste that widget to any page by selecting “Source” from your text editor toolbar.

If you’d like your mini to appear in the sidebar, just send the code to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Also, we encourage you to use Etsy Mini, but we don’t provide tech support for Etsy Mini. If you have a problem with your Etsy Mini widget, you can get help from Etsy’s customer service or check out their forum here.

You can read the complete instructions for making an Etsy Mini Here.

Valerie Archer



I played around with the Connect option but I think I am going to go with the Etsy Mini option instead.  A question I was curious about (and I apologize if it has been answered somewhere else already):

Is there a way to make the Etsy Mini links open in a new tab or window?

I don't like that it takes people away from the page and all inquiries about this on the Etsy end don't actually get answered.

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