Using Hellobar for Site-Wide Alerts

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Jessica Horvath

Using Hellobar for Site-Wide Alerts

With holidays around the corner, I know you indie sellers are going to be super busy juggling orders. Today I’d like to share Hellobar -- a free online tool that can generate a site-wide alert on your IndieMade website that could save you oodles of time.

We really like Hellobar because it’s a clean, mobile friendly design that displays messages clearly but doesn’t dominate the page. Site-wide messages are really handy if you want to share news about shipping times, big sales (Cyber Monday!!!), or an event you want to promote.

Check out how Bandana Girl’s awesome IndieMade shop uses Hellobar to announce a shipping delay…

Bandana Girl Store

You want a Hellobar too? Here’s how you install it!

1.) Go to and enter your URL.

Hellobar Signup

2.) The Hellobar site-wide messages come in three varieties -- collect email, social, and click link. For this example, I want a site-wide message to let customers know about my store’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I want the message to link to my store page, so I will select “Click Link”.

3.) In Settings, enter the link you want visitors to see when they click your alert button.

4.) Next we’ll select the colors we want for the alert. Of course, we want the message bar to stand out, but we also want it to look good and harmonize with the rest of the page. On Hellobar, you can enter the RGB or Hex color or pick from the color wheel to select colors for the text, link button, and background color of the bar. You can see the preview of your changes on the right.

Hellobar Color Wheel

5.) Now it’s time to write your message and the text you want on your button. Keep this short but friendly :)

Hellobar Entering Text

6.) Now Save your masterpiece.

7.) Last step -- in the Summary section, copy the code, send it to, and we’ll gladly take care of the rest!

Copy Hellobar Code


If you ever want to pause or remove your message entirely, you can go to the Manage page and hover over the gear settings icon to make your selection. You can also just ask us to permanently or temporarily take down the code for you.

Enjoy :)

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