Part 1: Sign In, Set Up and Design

Go to your website

Its first location (you can put it on a custom URL later) is You can also get to it by logging in to your main account at and clicking on visit site.

Sign In and Visit the Dashboard

activated site

Add simple settings

The dashboard has two tiers of navigation. On the top tier is: Website, Design, Store, and Content. The second layer appears when you choose a top tier. You can return to your site by clicking on view site, in the upper left hand corner of the dashboard.

dashboard welcome page

Select a Theme

Under top tier choose Design. Select the theme, by scrolling, and pushing the radio button next to its name. Any theme will do, you can change it later.  No big deal.  

select theme


Don't forget to push Set Theme at the bottom of the page. You can change themes whenever you want -- no content or settings will be lost.

Make Basic Edits

Next visit Design > Basics. Upload a graphical banner if you want, or leave blank.  Do not wait if you don't have a banner; you will be able to add it later, whenever you want, and in the meatime your site's name will be displayed in text at the top.

Then select the fonts you'd like to start with.

basic edit - site banner


Choose your colors

Best to keep it simple and neutral.  If you have a banner graphic and product shots loaded, you can use this to inform your final color and font decisions.

My suggestion to everyone: start out with a white background until you are ready to tweak it.  I have made the mistake of adding too many colors so the website's design competes with the products I am trying to sell.  Having done a number of websites, you can't ever go wrong with a white background. At least for now. Again, you can change this later.

fonts and colors


Don't forget to save your work by pushing Save configuration at the bottom of this page. To see how your site looks now, just click on View Site.

Feel free to steal my colors.  (By the way, the numbers and letters in the boxes are called "hex codes" for colors. Be sure to add a # before the color if you are copying it from another document.)

Please check out the next article - setting up your store.


Gnosis Drive


I can select an image for the site background with 400k maximum size. What are the maximum dimension, high and width? I don't want the image to be too small because it will automatically duplicate, and not too big either.



Hello, on the Design > Basics page > in the "Site Banner" section >> under the "Update" button, it will show the optimal dimensions for the theme you've selected.

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