Part 2: Set Up Your Store

This is just an overview on how to get started with your store. 

Basic Store Settings

Click on Store in the top tier navigation and then choose Settings from the secondary navigation. You need to provide a physical address.  

If you enter the percentage of sales tax you want to collect, the IndieMade reports with be correct when accounting time rolls around.

store settings


Save configuration before moving on.

Set Shipping Rates

Don't let yourself be paralyzed by shipping decisions -- just put something reasonable in there for now. Like every other setting in your IndieMade store, you can change it whenever you like, so keep it simple to start. You can read more about shipping in our handbook.

Product categories are the sections of your store. If you have lots of products in obvious categories -- hats, mittens, and scarves, for example -- then add those categories now.

shipping settings


Add a Product

Now that your store basics are set up, you can add your first product. Click on Products from the secondary navigation, then on Add a New Product. You'll give a product title and a product description first. (Don't put your product pictures in the rich text editor for the description; you will be asked for images further down on the form.)

If you have a product image ready, click on Choose File and then locate the picture on your computer. Then add the rest of the product's details. Hold the control key (lower right corner of your keyboard) when selecting multiple categories.

image categories



Some indies get flustered when they're asked for a SKU. If you don't have SKUs, don't worry -- just make one up! It does help when you are talking to customers for each product to have a unique model number, even if it's as simple as "Blue Hat."  Click Save to add the product to your store. 

 product info


Now that you have a product on your site, there will be a link reading "Store" on your site.

(If you have an Etsy shop, you can download your products into a CSV file have each product created automatically. See this FAQ for how to do this.)

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Lauri Rockne

I'm an artist that sells multiple sizes of the same image at different prices. For instance, the 5x7 card is $6, the 8x10 framed print is $25, etc. Is there a way I can list the multiple options for each image under the same product picture so that the person can select the size image they want?

Axel McCarthy

For now, you'd have to create a different product for each of the different sizes. It's inconvenient... so we're fixing it! The dev team is hard at work on a feature called "Attributes and Options", which will let you set up your products in just this way. When the feature is done we'll post a message on the blog about it.


Good morning,


Is there an option for different options on a product listing yet - I don't see an option for!!



Ali Hilard

For simplicity we don't let you set up different options for different products. Instead you can create as many attributes as you want. For example one might be "sweater color" with options red blue and green; another "shirt color" with options red blue green and purple. 

Yvonne Allen

I see in the forum you talked about being able to assign different cost to attributes in 2012.  Is this now possible because I can not find how to do it. I really need this function.  Lovin using the site.  Thanks

Axel McCarthy

Yes, Yvonne, you can assign costs to different options. For example you could have an attribute "Size" and then the option "large" would add $10 to the cost and "extra large" would add $20 to the cost. Your customers select the options they want and the cost of the product is automatically adjusted.

Our handbook page on attributes and options in an IndieMade store explains how this works. There's also a great screencast that Jessica did that shows you how it works step by step.

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