Part 5: Working with Pages

When your IndieMade site is first built, it includes a generic "About Us" page for you. In this step we'll change that text, and add a new page.  

Add a Page

Create a new page by clicking on "Add a New Page."

add new page


Add a title and description.  The title you give here will be the link title on your navigation.

Don't strive for perfection yet.  Just put 2 sentences in here. Don't forget "save" at the bottom of the screen.

add page content


Notice each page can appear in the primary or footer navigation of your website. I'll leave it in the footer; you can always go back to the main pages page and drag the cross symbol in the left-most column to reorder the pages.

That's it for our brief walkthrough. You can probably figure out the rest by trial and error, but you can always refer to the IndieMade handbook. There's a hyperlink to it in the lower right hand corner of your dashboard.


Michele Beach

I created a new page called "Designs," but cannot figure out how to access it to add items to it.

Axel McCarthy

Michele, once you create a new page you can edit it directly by clicking on "edit" under its name in the content > pages list of your dashboard.

However, I think maybe you are talking about something else. If you are trying to add a gallery of design photos, you'd create a new gallery at content > galleries. Or, if you are trying to set up designs that you are selling, you'd want to add new products to your store, from the store section. In both cases, your IndieMade store will automatically create the right links and site pages for you.

In other words you want to use the "page" here just for general content like an FAQ or instructions on how to contact you or how to sign up for your mailing list. For specific types of content you create those directly.

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