Connecting Your IndieMade Site to Etsy

If you are a subscriber to the Pro or Plus plan, you can connect your IndieMade site to your Etsy store. Once authorized, you can automatically make Etsy listings when you create new products, update listings as you update your IndieMade products, and so on.

And your inventory is kept up to date for you automatically: make a sale on Etsy and your IndieMade stock decreases. Sell the last item on your IndieMade store, and the corresponding Etsy product is delisted. It's a huge time saver.

The following sections describe this feature in more detail.


Claire Mack

Hi, I went through the steps to link my Etsy shop, but it doesn't appear on the menu of my website.  Can you please let me know what's missing?  I don't necessarily want to push products one way or another, but simply want to have the connection.



Hi Claire, we can take a look from your account. Please use this link to send a message:

Be sure to include the email address linked to your account and / or url for your website.



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