Importing Etsy Items and Connecting Them to IndieMade

If you're new to IndieMade but already sell on Etsy, you can save yourself lots of time by importing your Etsy listings directly into IndieMade and then connecting your IndieMade and Etsy listings.

Importing Your Etsy Items

First, download your products in a CSV file from Etsy:

  1. Log into your Etsy store
  2. Go to Shop Settings > Options
  3. Select the Download Data tab
  4. Under Currently for Sale Listings, push the button reading Download CSV

The above steps in an animated video.

Etsy CSV import

Then, in your IndieMade dashboard, visit store > products and click on Import Products from CSV. 

import Etsy csv


Are your products one-of-a-kind? If so, check the one-of-a-kind box and it'll automatically be removed from your store when it sells. Upload your file and IndieMade will take care of the rest. We'll make copies of your product photographs, add the description, set the product price, and so on. You'll have a fully stocked store in only a few minutes.

Your Etsy tags will become product categories — which function like Etsy's shop sections. So if your items have many tags to help with Etsy relevancy and you don't want those tags to become categories, you'll want to rename or delete your categories after the import. To do this, visit store > settings in your dashboard and scroll to the bottom to edit the categories.

Connecting Imported Items

The items you've just imported from Etsy are NOT automatically connected to your IndieMade store. To link the items, you need to take one more step.

First, click the Push Products to Etsy link at the top of your store > products page.

Push products to Etsy


Then, choose the "Try to link to existing listings with the same name" option. This will tell IndieMade to link your imported items back to the matching items on Etsy, rather than creating duplicate listings. NOTE: For the items to be matched up successfully, they must have the same title on both IndieMade and Etsy — so if you want to change your product titles on IndieMade, push your products back to Etsy first, THEN change the titles.

Link products on Etsy



Christy Olson

After pushing my items back to etsy, the green box message said 

300 products pushed to etsy

there was a problem with 106 products


what do I do to fix this?

thank you, Christy 



Axel McCarthy

Christy, it's impossible for us to say without looking into your system logs and finding out why. Not every product can be linked to Etsy; there are some restrictions. Please open a support ticket, and let us know we can go into those logs and find out.

Mary Beth Johnson

No problems importing items from my Etsy shop (great tool!) but there is no 'Push Products to Etsy' button in my Store category...only 'Add a New Product' and 'Import Products from CSV'. Why would that button be missing and does this mean the products aren't linked? 


Mary Beth

Axel McCarthy

Mary Beth, you guessed correctly -- the items aren't linked. You need to "connect" your IndieMade site to your Etsy store by following the instructions here:

It is pretty ridiculous that you have to take those two steps, but you need to do that step manually so we don't run afoul of Etsy's API requirements. :-(

Sue Thompson



My store is new and I am still tweaking .... love it so far! 

I currently have all my items, both here and on Etsy, in US dollars. I want to change the currency to AUD (Australia) and I am wondering the best way to do this. I can change currencies on Etsy easily enough, but how do I synchronise that with Indiemade? Or would it be better to change them here and then push all items to Etsy? This is new to me, I'm sure there is a simple answer.




Giselle Massey

Hi, I downloaded all current listings (55) and they connected to IndieMade no problem. However, I want to know if I activate more listings and download another CSV, is that going to overwrite and erase all the duplicate listings? (Hope that makes sense) I have hundreds of other listings that I have allowed to sell out or expire, so I want to know what would happen if I decide to relist those and add them to my shop here. 

Jessica Horvath

Hi Giselle -- Good question. I'm afraid that the duplicates would appear in your store if you do a second download of your Etsy CSV. We recommend making your new listings in IndieMade first and then "push" those to Etsy.

If you must upload the Etsy CSV you can do so, just make sure you remove the rows of products you've already uploaded before you upload the CSV.




I'm not concerned with duplicate listings as much, I can just delete those from IndieMade. As long as they don't actually over write.

A note specifically for you, Jessica: My IndieMade listings and changes WILL NOT push to Etsy. I've already contacted Support and actually spoken with you about this issue. Unfortunately you were too quick to mark the issue as resolved without fully helping me figure out what's going on. That's why I'm here on the forums trying to solve this problem. You said I had to be using a Shipping Profile and I was using a shipping profile. They still would not push. 

Jessica Horvath

Hi Giselle,

I'm sorry to hear your issue with the shipping profiles wasn't fully resolved! You can always reopen a ticket by replying back to the email thread, and I can see that you have since gotten in touch with my teammate Andrew on the matter over the weekend.

Thanks for following up with us, and we'll try to make it right for you as soon as we can.

Take care,



Hello, I am planning on signing up for the Plus plan.  I would like to import my CSV of listings from my Etsy shop, but I have almost 600 products.  Will that cause a problem if I start with just the 300 allowed by the Plus plan, or will I just be able to select 300 from my CSV to go live on my indiemade site until I decide to ask to increase my limit?


Hi Marisa, after you sign up for the Plus plan and before you import, please send an email to , requesting to increase your product limit.

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