Dashboard Basics

Click on dashboard at the bottom right of your site to visit the dashboard. When in the dashboard, click on view site to see your site how others will see it.

The top black bar of your dashboard gives primary navigation. Click on a main heading -- website, design, store, or content -- and the navigation in the blue bar underneath it will change. You can tell where you are by the different colors, but if you ever get disoriented, click on the IndieMade logo to go back to the dashboard home page.

store products page


From your site proper, you can get back to the dashboard by clicking on the link that reads "Dashboard", in your site's footer.


Karen Fincannon

I can't figure out how to edit my "Contact" page.  It doesn't have an edit option.  Can you help?  Thanks!



Jessica Horvath

Thanks for your question Karen. I'm afraid that the Contact page web form can only be edited by IndieMade support. Please send us an email to support@indiemade.com with details about how you'd like to change it, and we'll try our best to set it up for you.


Hello, looks like the login button is in the top, left corner for this theme.

Here is a direct link to the dashboard:


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