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Use the Design > Basics tab to change elements like your site banner; how your thumbnails are displayed; which fonts and colors to use; and so on.

Changes you make in this section never destroy the content of your site -- they just change the way your site content is displayed. And changes you make are specific to the theme you've selected, so if you change themes you can get an entirely different look.

This short seven minute video can help orient you to these features.


For more information on working with themes, see the Themes Tab help page. 


Karen Fincannon

I love the Underscore theme, but the banner is so big.  I followed the width instructions, is there anyway to reduce it in size?

Carl Bistrack

Planning a photograph-art web. I imported etsy photos I will sell.  Set up galleries. Have several needs.  
1) would like to an etsy imported photo and move it to a specific gallery. Can I do that? How? 
2) imported photos are out of an order I would like. Can I arrange/rearrange them? How?
Generally when the photos are on a page, I might/will want to rearrage them. How?

If for any reason I can't rearrange the etsy photos, and have to use another process, what about the detail photo information built into the etsy photos. Can they be moved/copied? If not, shoud I just delete the etsy info & photos at some point?


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