Changing Your Site Background

You can change the background of your site from the Site Background section of the Design > Basics tab in your dashboard. You can choose a single color, select from a variety of abstract textures, or upload a custom image of your own. Select your choice from the style pulldown menu, and options specific to that choice will appear. 

For Single Color, select your choice using the color selector, or type in your choice using hex value. 

Select background color

To select an abstract texture, choose Subtle Texture from the pulldown menu. Then select the texture you want from the Texture pulldown that appears. As you select different textures from the list, a small preview image will display your choice. All the textures provided "tile" seamlessly on your site, providing a uniform look. 

background texture


If you want your site background to feature an image of your own design, use the Custom Image selection. To upload an image:

  1. In the Site Background section, click the Choose File button, and then find and select the desired image file on your computer.
  2. Click Update. The file will upload to the server and the page will quickly display a loading box.
  3. A preview of the background will be displayed.custom background
  4. Click on Save configuration

It is important that backgrounds load quickly for your site visitors, so there is a maximum size of 400K for your background images. If your image is too large, you can downscale it (to 1000 pixels wide, for example) and compress it (by saving for web or decreasing the jpeg quality). Our handbook page on photo sizing may be of help.

If your custom background is wider than 600px, it will automatically be stretched to fill the space in the browser.

A large custom background

If your custom background is 600px wide or less, it will be tiled to fill your site background.

A small custom background

Remember to push Save configuration at the bottom of the page to make your changes on this tab take effect.




Is there a way I can change the color of the subtle texture background to match my site's colors?

Thanks! EBB


Hello, one way is to upload a background file with the preferred color.

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