Your Site's Banner or Logo

Your site’s banner, or logo, can be changed in the Site Banner section of the Design > Basics tab.
upload banner
To upload a new banner:
  1. Navigate to the Basics tab.
    Click Design > Basics.
  2. In the Site Banner section, click the Choose File button, and then find and select the desired image file on your computer.
    A preview image of the file will be shown just above the name of the file.

upload banner

  1. Click Update. The file will upload to the server and the page will quickly display a loading box:

uploading files

  1. Click Save configuration.
    Your site will update to display the new logo or banner.
Note: If you do not wish to use the uploaded file, select the Discard replacement checkbox, and then click Update. The original file or slogan will return.
Delete the Logo or Banner
If you do not wish to have a logo or banner at all, the original image can be deleted:
  1. In the Site Banner section select the Delete Original checkbox.
  2. Click Update.
  3. Click Save configuration.
Your site's logo or banner will be deleted and will display the name of your site and its' slogan in place of the logo or banner.
The name and slogan for your site may be changed on the website > settings page.


Felicia Capelle

Question: On the banner picture, it says 'Your website name goes here'.  Do I have to put my website name on the picture myself before uploading or does your program do that?



Axel McCarthy

Great question, Felicia!

Your IndieMade site does not add any text to your graphical banner. The banner or logo is such an important part of branding that we leave it up to the site owner to choose the right font. 

If you don't upload a banner at all, your site name is displayed in the appropriate font in the header area. But this really should only be considered a placeholder; if you're serious enough about your work to have your own site, you should probably invest the time to create a nice banner.

Great question, hope this helps.

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