Navigation Tab

Use the Navigation tab to set the names for the main links on your site, and to select which page your customers see first. View the Navigation tab by selecting Design > Navigation on your Dashboard. 
Navigation Link Labels

Change the Names for the Link Labels

The link labels display on menus throughout your site. Each of the prominent link labels are listed on the Link Labels section on the Navigation tab, and can be changed. For example, if you prefer “Shows” instead of “Events” you can change the Shows label on this page.
To change a link label, click inside a desired text box and type in a new Link Label, and then click Save Configuration.  
Save Configuration
Your site will be updated with the new label.

Change the First Page Seen by Your Customers

The first page that your customers see can be changed on the Navigation tab of the Design page (Design > Navigation). 
The Home Page section lists every page for your site. Click the button for the desired home page and then click Save Configuration.
The setting will be saved and your customers will see the selected site first. 



How come my site doesn't show the link labels (Store, blog, news,etc) ? and how do i add this to the Site landing page ? thanks !

Axel McCarthy

Hi Doodletales,

Your site only shows the link labels for content that you've already posted. So for example if you've never written a blog post, the blog link will not appear. Once you create a post, it shows up.


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