Designing Your Site

Change the look and feel of your site using the Design section of your Dashboard. 


Ayo Thomas

How do I view my site to see what it looks like so far? Also is my site closed to the public until I finish designing?

Axel McCarthy

Ayo, your site is live and available to the public immediately. From your dashboard just click "back to my site" and you'll see it mostly as anyone else would. (One tiny difference is that the link to the dashboard isn't shown to everyone.)

Nicky's Potions & Lotions

Why doesn't the search page on my site show any of my products when I search for them? Even the product title?

Axel McCarthy

The search index gets updated in the background, not always right after you add or update content. I forced your site to update its index and now you can search for your potions and lotions. :-)



I would like to change the background color from white to something softer that blends with the banner.  Kinda like at frame around the actual web information.  Is that possible? and how? tks

Axel McCarthy

You can change the background of your site to a flat color, an abstract background that IndieMade provides, or a custom background that you upload yourself. This page of the handbook explains how to do this. 


How do I change the favicon from the Indiemade one to my own? Thanks!

Axel McCarthy

Nikki, just send an email to support at and attach your favicon. We can upload it on your behalf.


Awesome! Thanks!


I cannot seem to find where to change the number of products displayed on the store page.  Currently it only displays 6 products, with another being on the second page.  I would like to display more than that.  Can you help me?

Chris P. Bugni

Yes, we can help.

We try to keep your dashboard as simple as possible so as not to overwhelm you with hundreds of checkboxes and buttons. We think simplicity is a feature, too! So you won't find anywhere to make that change.

However, your customer care rep can easily do it for you. All you need to do is ask by opening a support ticket

Hi, I know how to change the font on my page, but how do I change the font size? the listing fonts are tiny. also I have my own font I would like to use, can I upload that? 

thanks :) 

Axel McCarthy

Hi Cutest!

The theme controls the font size, so there's no way for you to modify that directly. You should resist the temptation to increase the size for specific content in the rich text editor... although that will work, sort of, it ties your hands in that it will make future theme switches harder for you. (For example if the theme specifies a certain font size but your content insists it's 18px no matter what, it can mess up the theme layout.)

If you have your heart set on bigger font sizes and can't live without them, open a support ticket and ask for specific help. The support team has access to features that customers don't, and they may be able to help you here. 

Finally, we don't support uploading custom fonts -- sorry. But if it's a web-accessible font we may be able to do that for you too, with the style features the support team has. 

Hope this helps!


Laurie dill-Kocher

Is there a way to change the shape of the buy it now button?


Axel McCarthy

Laurie, there's no way for you to change that from the dashboard -- you can change fonts and colors and so on, but the theme decides the shape of the buy it now button. 
However we customer care reps have more powerful tools that we can use to make changes to your site's look. If you can describe what you want, we might be able to help. Just open a support ticket and we'll do the best we can to help you.
Nat James


Is there a way to add a slideshow to my page. I use Cincopa to generate javascript for the slideshow. Can you edit the code to add this?

Many Thanks.

Jessica Horvath

Hi Nat -- Thanks for your comment! You can add your slideshow to a page by going to the page's editing mode then select Source from the toolbar. Source takes you to the page's HTML. In Source mode, paste your Cincopa javascript where you want the slideshow to appear on the page.

If you're still stuck, you can send us your javascript code to an email at and we'll be happy to help you out :)

Colette McKenna

do I add www. as a prefix to the indiemade URL?

Jessica Horvath

Nope...there is no "www." in front of subdomains, so your URL will look like

Thanks for your question :)

Karen Hazarian

Am I able to change the social media icons to a different style? thanks!



Nicole F. Cox

Is there anyway for me to downsize the pictures on my about page and on the news page. The pics are huge and you must scroll to see the whole image. I have a 17" screen and the pics do not fit on my screen. Particularly on my about/landing page, I'd like to be able to see that whole pic as soon as the customer clicks in.

Jan Foselli Designs


I'm using Onyx as my template and need to know the size of the banner.  I uploaded a banner that has been made for my shop and it's really tiny.




Hi Jan, the banner should be 240 px wide and as high as you'd like. If you need any more help, please send a message to and we'd be happy to take a look. ( Please also let us know which website(s) you are editing. )

Kimberly Keller Hom


I would like to know the size for the site banner? I've tried resizing but it stays tiny. I would like the banner to appear across the top of the site as a rectangular size.  Also, would you also please tell me what theme I am currently using?  Thank you. 


Hi Kimberly,

You are currently using the Onxy theme. You can find the theme information, including banner size for Onxy, on the Design > Themes page.

If you have more questions specific to your account, please feel free to send us a message at


I have designed one and used the size you suggested, but I don't know how to access it. I am a sr. citizen, a little slow in terms of building a website. HELP , pauli


Hi Pauli, we responded to your email message with the steps to upload a banner.


It does not allow me to delete and add my photo. I am stuck & frustrated. I am old, but not a moron, so don't understand what is happening. 

At this rate, I will use the whole 30 days to create this site.. Not thrilled so far HELP


Hi Pauli, once you upload your banner file, it will automatically remove the placeholder banner.

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