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Hello IndieMade !
I check my site daily and have noticed I have multiple hits to the "reply to comment" section on my blog; when I say multiple, I mean 48-65 hits to the "reply to comment" section...but I only see one comment to a blog post from 2012. Is there a reason why so many hits are being logged? Is there anything I can do to encourage my customers, blog readers to comment? Perhaps I'm over-thinking this?
Any insight would be helpful.



Axel McCarthy

What's happening is that "comment spammers" are trying to fill your site with their advertisements. They have automated systems that automatically post comments ... and believe it or not they hire real people from low-wage countries to post comments, too, so they can bypass the "Captcha" test. These latter attempts are showing as page views in that report, but the comments they added aren't appearing on your blog because we pay for a third-party service that automatically identifies the spammy looking comments and rejects them before they appear.

Seeing fifty or sixty hits is pretty normal... we had one site that had 98,000 comment attempts in one month! We hate those comment spammers over here, let me tell ya.

barbara burke

Is there a way to rearrange the items in my shop?  



Axel McCarthy

Barabara, there is. To the left of each product in the store > products page there is a little crosshairs icon. Grab that with your mouse and drag the product to the right place in the list. 

There are similar draggable crosshairs icons in other places of the dashboard. In all cases that's how you reorder things.

Robbie-Lynn Mwangi

When I imported the CSV file from etsy the tags on each item were listed as shop categories giving me way more categories than I really have. How do I remove the tags from the categories section and create the correct categories instead? 

Thank you


Axel McCarthy

Robbie-Lynn, you can edit the store categories as much as you want: delete 'em, add new ones, edit existing ones. Just follow the instructions on our category page. (And if you have lots of changes you need to make to lots of products at once, just edit products in bulk.)

Hope this helps!

Sandy Haskins

Is there someplace where you explain what the summary report means?  Do my visits to login and other pages show up there or only people coming in from outside the shop?  Also, sometimes I get two views of maybe 5-6 items, are these bots and not real people?

Axel McCarthy

Good questions Sandy. Your visits (when you are logged in) do not show up on the summary report, and many bots are filtered out. 

However, we advise all our customers who are interested in how their site is being viewed to use Google Analytics instead. It is free, it is incredibly easy to set up, and it gives much better information. Just sign up for GA and paste the ID they give you into the box, and you're done. This page in the user guide describes how to set it up.

Hope this helps!

Laurie dill-Kocher


I keep getting contacted by Google Analytics that I have "critical mobile usability errors."  They state that touch elements are too close, viewport not configured and small font size.  I want this website to work but I am not sure how I can change these items.  Can you help?



Axel McCarthy

Hi Laurie,

Many (if not most) IndieMade themes are "responsive," which means that they automatically change their layout when viewing them on a mobile device. The one you're using, Underscore, is not responsive yet. So that is why Google is complaining.

You have two choices: first you can switch to a responsive theme. It's fast and you lose no data -- and you can always switch back if you don't like it. The description of the theme says whether it's responsive. Austin is our most popular responsive theme right now.

Or, second, you can just wait. We're working on making Underscore responsive as we speak. When it's done your site will just automatically start looking great on even tiny screens.

Hope this helps,


Axel McCarthy

Forgot to follow up on this -- last month Underscore was made responsive, so Laurie, your site looks great on phones now too.

Wes H


We are currently in the process of importing our Etsy listings to Indiemade. On Etsy, you are able to show certain attributes as "out of stock" but its still seen in the list of options, just grayed out and cannot be selected. We like this because it shows its a potential option, just not at that moment.

Is there a way to do this with our Indiemade listings?


Jessica Horvath

Hi Wes

Thanks for your question! I'm afraid that stock cannot be tracked for each option in an attribute. That has to be done manually. Similarly, the list of options will not automatically show "out of stock" for an option. The option would have to be edited manually for that to work.

Take care,



I am looking for information on how to add digital downloads to the product files. If someone could send me a link that deals with this, that would be great!


Madeline Flynn

Adding Uk 2nd class post. Am I missing something? how to I add a 1st class upgrade to my shipping profiles?


Hi Madeline,

Each product can have only one shipping option.

The best way to setup a shipping upgrade would be with an attribute. Attributes allow you to add options to a product ( e.g., shipping upgrade; size; color ) and adjust pricing according to the option.

The Attributes feature is available on the Pro and Plus tiers.

More information on setting up an attribute can be found here:


If you get stuck along the way, please send an email to support@indiemade.com, we're happy to take a look from your account.


Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable avatar?


Hi, do you mean when a visitor leaves a blog comment or review? The avatar is linked to their account.

Michael Meister

Hi - Is there a way to set up an automatic "Thank you for your order... " email to go out to customers after their order goes through?



Hi Michael, you can view and edit the order confirmation message on the Store > Settings page >> in the "General Settings" section.

Valerie Carnett

Is there a way to have a message about free delivery meet up can be arraged if local.  We are participating in a show that will send out our websites to its customers.  We want a note that says if you live local we will arrange meeting points so that people do not have to pay for shipping.  thanks


Hi Valerie, one option is to post a site-wide message on the Website > Settings page.


Hey there,

So I would like to become a merchant on Pinterest, and the first step is to connect my catalogue, by importing all my products, images, description, tags, etc as a CSV, TSV or XML file, and I have been wondering if there is a way I could do it automatically from my website?


Hi Maria, you can use this link to download your products -- just add your url to the beginning of the link:



Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable a pm?


Hi, can you clarify "pm?"


Whenever I put my url in (whewgirl.com) in the address bar it pulls up there is a "Not Secure" message iext to it. Explaining: "YOUR CONNECTION TO THIS SITE IS NOT SECURE" ...  Is there a way to remove this because I don't want my prospective customers to think their information is not secure/safe on my site. 


Hi, you'll want to install a security certificate on the Store > Secure Certificate ( SSL ) page.

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