Embedding Video with Rich Text Editor

Using IndieMade's rich text editor on pages makes it easy to embed video directly into the page itself.  This method can also be used on blog posts, event descriptions, news descriptions, gallery descriptions and product descriptions.

Step 1

Find the video on YouTube or the website on which it is hosted. Click the Share button under the video.

youtube share link

Step 2

Copy the URL from the box below the video.

youtube share copy URL

Step 3

Create the page where your video will appear on your IndieMade site. (Or, go to the existing blog entry or page where you'd like to post the video.)

add new page for video


Step 4

Click the filmstrip button in the rich text editor's toolbar.

add media button


Step 5

Paste the URL that you copied from the video site. Click OK and save the page.

Paste URL video embed

iframe in the body


Step 6

See it live on your website.



Secret and Final Step 7: Celebrate with cookies.