How to Burn and Embed Your Other Artist Blog on Your Website

This page will take you through the steps of burning any external blog (as long it has a feed, most do) and embedding it on your website.  You will notice blurry images and some things marked out with squares, but I recently did this for someone and thought I would take the screenshots to share with you!

Step 1: Find Your Feed & Copy the Feed URL (web address on top)

If you look for the feed icon on your site it will generally take you directly to your feed.  

Feed Icon

If you don't see a feed url anywhere, you can check your root url and add a /feed at the end.  For instance, this is IndieMade's feed url:

A feed page looks like a scary mess of code, don't worry about it, though, you just need the url (I pulled this off of Blogger):


(it won't be blurry, I just did this to protect the identity of this blogger)


Step 2: Create an account (it's free!) with Feedburner and sign in.

There are other burning tools out there, but feedburner is free and has worked the best for me.




Step 3: Past the feed url you just copied and hit "next."


        Copy your artist blog feed url     



Step 4: Enter a title for your feed (for your use) and leave the feedburner address alone. Hit next.



Step 5: Skip to feed management.




          Step 6: Click Publicize Tab



Step 7: Click on Buzzboost and start customizing from the bottom.  Copy code from Buzzboost on top when you are done.

You are welcome to use the settings I typically use.  Full HTML will provide your images within the blog posts.



Step 8: Create a page on your IndieMade site. 

Add page for blog


Step 9: Click "Source" in the rich text editor. 

Select Source


10 Paste code & Save.

paste script


You're Done!


Now check out your new (external) blog on your indieMade site:




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