Working with Comments

Visitors to your blog can make comments on what they read. Being part of a conversation with others about your work can help drive traffic to your site.

Dealing with Spam Comments

However, sometimes commenters are unwelcome visitors. In particular, spam comments are a common scourge of indepentent site owners. In order to drive traffic to their site, or to score commissions on sales made on other sites, some people write comments that are only vaguely relevant to the topic at hand, but include lots of links to other locations.

Your IndieMade site has two components that help prevent spam comments automatically:

  1. A CAPTCHA form prevents computers from automatically adding comments to your posts
  2. Comments are submitted automatically to third-party anti-spam service Akismet for analysis

Only comments that pass both those filters appear on your site.

Administering Individual Comments

When you are logged in to your IndieMade site, you can administer each individual comment using the command links within it.

blog comments

Click on Edit to change the comment (for example, to remove profanity or to fix broken formatting). The Delete command removes the comment forever.

The Submit spam button deletes the comment and sends it to TypePad AntiSpam. By doing this, you help the community of AntiSpam users get better results.

Administering Comments in Bulk

If you prefer, you can administer more than one comment at a time. From your blog page, click on the command Administer Comments to bring up the bulk administering screen.

Administer comments


Sort the available comments by clicking on a column header -- by default, the most recent comment is shown first.

Check the boxes of those comments you want to act on, or click on the box in the header to select all. Then, you can choose whether you want to submit those comments as spam, or simply delete them, with the update dropbox. Push Update to take the action.

Disabling Comments

To disable blog comments completely, navigate to Design > Basics and uncheck Enable blog Comments