Using a Custom URL on IndieMade with DreamHost

This short tutorial explains how to use DreamHost's control panel to set up your custom URL with IndieMade.

  1. Log into your DreamHost control panel at
  2. Click on Manage Domains
  3. If the screen says that the domain is fully hosted, click on the X to deactivate this. (You want your site to be hosted at IndieMade, not DreamHost.)
  4. Under the name of your domain, click on DNS. (If you don't see this, click on Add Hosting, scroll down, and click on the Add DNS Hosting! button. Then go back to your Manage Domains listing and you should see it.)
  5. Enter www in the Name field, choose CNAME from the type field, and enter your IndieMade name, so the edit box looks like the following picture:
  6. Click the Add Record Now button

Now, just wait. It can take some time for your changes to take effect.

Forward the Base Domain

All traffic for will now go to your IndieMade site. But if someone types in just -- that is, without the www -- we'd like her to be directed to your site as well. To do this, we'll set up what DreamHost calls a redirect domain.

  1. Log into your DreamHost control panel at
  2. Click on Manage Domains
  3. Click the Add New Domain/Sub Domain button 
  4. Scroll down to the Redirect block
  5. In the box labeled Domain to Redirect, put your base domain (, and in the Redirect to URL box, put the full www URL (, like this:
  6. Click the Redirect this domain now button

Wait a bit for the changes to take effect, and you're done.

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