Using a Custom URL on IndieMade with GoDaddy

Adding a CNAME Record

First, log into your Account Manager. Then, next to Domains, click on Manage. 

 GoDaddy Manage Domains 

Next to your domain, click on and select "Manage Connection".

GoDaddy Manage Connection

Select the DNS Zone File tab.

GoDaddy DNS Zone File

Then select Add Record.

  GoDaddy Add Record  


Select the CNAME record type.

   GoDaddy Add CNAME    


The host name is "www". Change the "Points to" field to your IndieMade URL ( There is no "www." in front of your IndieMade URL. Click Finish when you're done.

    GoDaddy CNAME details    


Be sure to click Save Changes!


Adding Domain Forwarding

Select Settings from your domain management page. Click on "Manage" by the Forwarding region.


Select Add Forwarding.


Forward the Domain to your "www." URL ( This should be a 301 redirect, forward only. Click Add when you're done with the entries.

Hit Save, and that's it!

Correcting the Error - "Specified Record Already Exists in the Zone..."

If you get this error after trying to save your CNAME record:

Godaddy Error 

It means that you already have a CNAME record for host name "www" and you need to delete the existing CNAME record before saving the new CNAME record that points to your IndieMade website. You're only allowed to have one CNAME record with the host name "www".

You may also edit the existing CNAME record, so it points to


murjani grace

Thanks so much for this information. Of course, GoDaddy continually makes it harder to do these types of things. The graphics you provide are much appreciated and absolutely helped me figure out what I needed to do, but DNS Manager is even more buried on their site now. Ugh. If others have trouble, just tell them to put DNS in the search box within GoDaddy after they log in. They should be able to find it and then follow your very helpful instructions from there. Many Thanks.

Marlene Nicosia

I'm keeping fingers crossed everything worked...Somthing I have been putting off doing for 8 months. Thank you. Spa Girl

Jennifer Hawkins

I am not so tech savvy when it comes to more than the bare basic things so - fingers crossed it works - following theses instructions and finding everything on the Go Daddy site for my custom URL was really easy. Of course being ale to use two my iPad for instructions and do it all on the laptop made it easier again. No flicking between screens. Thanks so much for making it so easy.


This guide was so incredibly helpful! Thank you!!!

Stacy Drenckhahn

Your directions were great, especially with the visuals. I did call tech support with Go Daddy to have them help walk me through the process and the tech didn't understand what I wanted and had me do what he thought I needed. It was wrong. My site launched later that night and all of the page names were the same. From your directions I knew that it was set wrong.

I opened up your step by step directions and walked myself through the process, like I should have done the first time. It was strange to make those changes, but not hard to do.

Hopefully, the second time will be the charm, and now I know that I can do these things myself (with your great directions)! Thanks Indiemade :)

Jessica Klaaren

I too have godaddy and it took me a minute to find how to open the zone file editor to get to the same page shown here, but once I did the changes weren't hard and I think I did it right, now just waiting on the changes to take effect. Hopefully it won't take too long.


Very helpful info. The pictures were fantastic!

Thank you.

Dawn Dragon-Ericsson

Yay! The instructions were super easy. I would like to say that in the area where you explain why you should use this site to host your shop, you should explain that you have to purchase a domain in order for people to actually find the shop that you list. I had no idea. However, it's all worked out now. thanks


I'm following your instructions for GoDaddy but still can't get my domain of to forward to my indie made site!  I'm getting very discouraged!

Axel McCarthy

Jeanette, you will need to review the settings for your IndieMade site by visiting your account page. Your site is not currently set to use as a custom URL, so you need change it using the "Edit site details" link. 

(By the way, next time you will get much faster response time by opening a support ticket, at Customer support staff does not monitor comments made on the site.)

Hope this helps!

Kiersten Stahl

Just followed your detailed instructions for Go Daddy. Thank you soooo much! There is no way I could have figured that out without the pictures and tutorial!

Hopefully everything worked!!

Thanks again,



These instructions and photos were extremely helpful! It would have taken me hours to figure it out otherwise. :)


jodi spitalli

your graphics helped SO much. Thank you!!  :-)

Teri Prouty

Thanks so much for the great directions.  I went right through without a hitch.   :-)

Christi Marie Line

I followed all the steps and STILL keep getting an error message on my account page. Idk what Im doing wrong and really dont have time to wait around for someone to email me back. Im beginning to think isnt the place for me. Sure, it seems nice...then you realize you DONT get a domain for free as it appears when you have pro, AND THEN you have issues trying to forward your domain after another $13 later to get your own .com

Axel McCarthy

Hi Christi,

I'm so sorry to hear that you feel misled about the custom URL. We don't do custom URL registrations quite intentionally -- not only do we feel that there are plenty of other companies out there that do it well for very low cost, we also think it's important to indies that they own their own custom domain. We want you to use IndieMade because it's best for you, not because you're locked in and can't move without losing your URL. But we wouldn't ever try to mislead you or anybody else about what our services are. We support custom URLs, but they aren't included in any of our packages.

Anyway, I checked your records and it looks like your custom domain has in fact been implemented properly. You probably only needed to wait a bit... like the Using a Custom URL page says, it can take a few hours for changes you make to domains to propagate out. :-)


Christi Marie Line

It finally updated. Another real quick question. Are we limited ONLY to your themes as well, no custom designs?

Axel McCarthy

Sorry, no fully custom themes -- you can upload banners and backgrounds, change fonts and colors, and that kind of stuff. But the layout of the pages -- where the navigation appears, where the "buy now" button is, what social sharing icon to use, stuff like that -- is all automated. 

Cheryl Kovalik

Thank you so much for the great instructions with the graphics. Go Daddy is not for the un-tech savy that's for sure.  I always get heart palpitations whenever I have to go there to do anything with my domain.  You made this process so much easier! This is the second time I have needed help and I have to say your support here at Indiemade is the BEST! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) 

Joan Daniels

when I type in "www" as refuses it.

Axel McCarthy

Do you already have a www record? If you do, you'll need to edit the existing one rather than add a new one.



I followed the directions for GoDaddy forward but as of today, it still has not worked.  Not sure what to do?



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