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Every IndieMade site comes with a fully integrated, sophisticated shopping cart. This section of the handbook explains how it works -- but don't be intimidated. You don't have to use every feature if you don't want to.

Visit the links below for a step-by step guide on how each feature of your store works.


BJ Rounds

I categorized all my products but I noticed that they are not all listed on my store along with my product information. However, all of them are listed on the gallery page. I need to have all of the categories listed on my store. How can this be remedied?

Axel McCarthy

If there are no active products in a category, it is automatically hidden from the public. That way they won't click and be surprised by "no products available." If you have at least one product in a category, it will appear.

BJ Rounds

I figured as much. The down side of that is that a prospective customer won't be aware that you create jewelry in these other categories that aren't listed. Obviously the answer to that is to make sure I have at least one product for each category! Thank you for an answer that should have been obvious to me! ;0)

Karen Castillo

You might consider creating a "picture" to fill this space which basically serves as a message to site visitors. It could have a consistent graphic that is appropriate for the overall design of your site along with a short messages such as "check back soon" for items in this category.

I assume you have the means to create great photos of your products for posting on your site, so you could even print a message "sign" (perhaps on folded card stock) and place it on a staged work area which contains jewelry components. You could also include the suggestion that they contact you if they are interested in items in this category or to be contacted when items are available.

Hope this helps. I have created a similar type of option on my site that permits visitors to upgrade the size of a photograph by choosing the 8x10 design, then selecting this option which adds the additional $10 for an 11x14 to the cart.


Hi, do you have any information on how to do a csv file please as I have never done one. Thanks

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