Managing Orders

Managing your orders on IndieMade is designed to be a simple experience, so you can easily find an order, edit orders, and update an order's status in a few clicks. To keep track of your orders, go to your dashboard and select Store > Orders.

Sorting Your Orders

You can search for orders by customer name, number or by order status, as well as search by sorting the columns. A star next to a customers name means they are a repeat customer.

Your default order page will show the most recent order at the top. You can sort the list by date, order ID, total, and order status. To do that, click on the column’s title to sort the list by that column, and the list will rearrange the order list automatically.

Order Page Column Sorting

You can also reverse the order from descending to ascending by clicking on the arrow next to the corresponding column.

Order Sorting Arrow

Viewing Your Orders and Invoices

To view a specific order, click on the “View Order” icon on the left side of the order’s row.
View Order Icon

The order page will show you the details of the order, shipping address, and display the status details and system generated comments. 

You can use order comments to communicate with your customer, and you can add your own comments to the order directly from the order page.

Order Comments

You can also update your order’s status in the comments area after it’s been shipped and completed.

Admin Comments

Your order’s invoice is also accessible from the order page. Just click on the invoice tab, and you can view, print, and email your invoice.

Invoice Options

Editing Your Orders

When you need to make a change to an order, you can simply select Edit Order from the main orders page or just click on the Edit tab when viewing the order.

The edits you can make include: customer’s shipping and billing address, remove and add products, payment method, shipping total, and tax total.

edit order

If a customer wants to add another product to their order, click on the Add Product button and a select list of your product titles should appear. You can also search by name or SKU. Click on Select after you've finished adding the product.

add product

You can also apply a coupon to the order. Beneath the “Add a line item:” option, select Coupon Discount and click Add Line. 

add discount line

When you add the discount amount, be sure to not use a currency sign.

Discount Line Item Amount

If you need to add an amount to the order that isn’t related to shipping or tax, you can enter an Empty line item and give it any label you want. Again, when you enter the amount, please do not use a currency sign.

Checking Payment Logs & Viewing the Order Log

You should receive an email soon after payment is received, but if you want to see an order’s payment, you can go to the order's Payments tab.

Payments Tab

Similarly, you can go to the Log tab to see the timeline of the order, and when updates were made to the order, including payments and status changes.
Order Log

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