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If you have a Pro or Plus account, you have access to IndieMade's attributes and options feature. An attribute is a characteristic of some of your store's products, like Color or Material. Each attribute has one or more options, like Red and Blue for color, or Wool, Silk, and Cotton for material.

This five minute video can help explain how attributes and options work. More detail is below.


From your Dashboard, go to "Store" and click on "Attributes." Click on the "Add a New Attribute" link. Type in the name and description and choose the way you'd like to display your attribute options.

Under "Display type," you can choose the way customers interact with your product options. Use a text field to allow customers to type in a custom message; a select box to create a drop-down menu; radio buttons for choosing only one option; or checkboxes that can turn options on or off – whatever works best for you and your products! You'll set the different options for each attribute in the next step.

You can also require the customer to pick an option by clicking the "Make this attribute required" checkbox (if you don't check this box, your customer will not be obligated to choose an option).

Create attribute


When you are finished, click the "Submit" button. Your changes will be saved and you'll be taken back to the main "Attributes" page. You will see your new attribute listed, with several links under it. Click on the "Options" link, then click the "Add a New Option" link. Type in the name of the option you will give your customer. You can also add more to the base price of the product if this particular option is going to cost more.

Add option to attribute

When you are finished, click the "Submit" button. Your changes will be saved and you will be able to enter more options for your attribute. You can change the order in which the options appear by dragging the cross symbol in the left-hand column and dropping the options where you want them.

options list management

To attach attributes and options to a product, go to "Store" and "Products." Edit or create a new product and scroll down to "Product Information." Click on "Attributes," and the section will expand. You can now select the attributes that apply to your product.

Add attribute to product

Click the "Save" button, then go to your store and view the product. You will see that your customers are now able to choose the options that you set.

   Product Options   

Good to know: Attributes do not affect the inventory system; it does not track stock for specific combinations of attributes. In other words, there's no way to say that you have 6 vanilla, 2 chocolate, and 1 coffee flavor in Cup of Happiness. The inventory system only tracks that you have 9 Cups of Happiness available.


Laurie dill-Kocher

How do I have at this time NO attributes for my products?

Chris P. Bugni

Laurie, new stores start out with no attributes. You need to add the attributes that you want to use: color, weight, inscription, binding, whatever works for your store.


What if you have a limited amount of each attributes and want customers to know when that certain (color for example) is already sold out. Is the only way for me to physically remove it in the attributes section after I'm notified that someone's bought it? I'm worried i may over sell what I don't even have! 

Jessica Horvath

Hi Kristin -- Thanks for your question! Very sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid that stock cannot be tracked for each attribute. That has to be done manually.

Take care,


Janet Bocciardi

Is there any plan to track inventory by attribute?  Since I've got the plan for 200 products it's a real problem to have to add each one in as separate products in order to track inventory.

IndieMade Support


There are no immediate plans right now.

But I will make sure this is on our development list if it is not already.



Janet Bocciardi

I really appreciate it.  I'm still banging my head trying to figure out how to make this work with some new products.

Chris Dalrymple

Is there any way to select a few options instead of having them all show up? Say I use color as an attribute and have red, blue, yellow, and green as options. If item one only has a choice between red and blue, and item two only has yellow and green. Instead, all the colors show up.

Jessica Horvath

Hi Chris -- This is a good question! Thanks for asking. I'm afraid you would have to set up an additional attribute for the instance you're describing. You can't select which options apply to a specific product.

Take care,


Gregg Tracton

Jessica:  perhaps you could use COMBINATIONS of attributes as single attributes, so if you have small items that come in red and blue, and large items that come in red and yellow, use 4 attributes called "size-color" like this:

  • small red
  • small blue
  • large red
  • large yellow

As you add attributes (like hooded or unhooded), it gets to be a large set and tedious, but it might work for you.


I've upgraded from a Standard plan to Pro, but I still do not see the attributes and options section available on my store page. How can this be fixed?


Revisiting an old question. 

Will development ever address adding inventory to attributes? If not now, when? Please!


Hi Sharon, thanks for your patience. This feature is in development and we hope to complete testing and have it available next month, early 2018.

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