Selling Downloadable Files

You can sell electronic goods such as patterns, eBooks, or instruction manuals by using IndieMade's downloads feature. Downloads can be attached to any number of your products. When a customer buys a product with a download attached to it, he or she can download it directly from your IndieMade site. Only sites on the Standard and Plus plans can use downloads.

Navigate to store > downloads to manage your store's downloads.

Adding download-able files main


This page shows all of the files you've made available for download by adding them to your store. Upload new files by clicking on Add a New Download and selecting the file from your computer.


Each download can be no larger than 20MB in size.


Attaching a Download to a Product

After you've uploaded the files you want to sell, you need to attach them to specific products. This is done from the standard product entry screen. Navigate to store > products, find the product you want, and click on edit. At the bottom of the screen is a collapsible section labeled Downloads (this section will not appear if you have not yet uploaded any files!). Click to open it, and select the file or files you want to attach to the product.

Add a download to product

  Each file can be attached to any number of products (for example, here the Care of Vintage Goods document has been attached to three vintage products), and a product can have as many downloads attached to it as you need.


How it Looks to Your Customers

When a customer purchases a product or products that includes a download, note of this fact is included in the invoice she's mailed. The relevant section looks like this:

 The emailed invoice showing available downloads 

When the user logs in to his or her password-protected account page, she has a tab reading Files from which she can initiate the download. Each file can be downloaded up to five times.

 File downloads section 

Shipping and Downloads

If a product consists only of the electronic files -- for example, if you're selling a pattern alone -- then obviously your customers shouldn't be charged shipping for that product. To indicate that a product consists entirely of eGoods, uncheck the box Item is shipped to purchaser in the product edit screen. If an order consists entirely of downloadable products, with no physical goods of any kind, then no shipping charges are applied at all for that order.

Check sales tax

Some states and countries require tax on digital downloads. If so, in your dashboard navigate to Store > Advanced Settings and check "Check sales tax on digital downloads". You may also set an explanation that tells your customer why you need to collect their billing address information.

After you have this option is enabled, navigate back to Store > Products and edit your digital products. You must check "item is shipped to purchaser" in your product's shipping settings.