Using Coupons

Offer discounts on your products using Coupons. Coupons can be specific dollar amounts ($10) or percentages (5%) off of the total, or can cover shipping charges. You can specify under what conditions they can be used, to encourage larger orders. Only sites on the Standard, Pro, and Plus plans can use coupons.

Navigate to store > coupons to manage your coupons.

Coupon main page


This page shows all of your coupons, including the code (what the customer enters to use the coupon), a description, and a summary of the details of the coupon. Click on View to see details on the coupon, and which customers have used it to purchase; click on Delete to delete a coupon. Click Edit to modify the terms of a coupon, or to swtich between active and inactive settings.

Creating and Editing Coupons

Adding a new coupon, and editing the terms of an existing coupon, both use the same screen, shown below.

Add a coupon

 There are three types of coupons you can use:

  • An Amount Off coupon, which decreases the cost of the goods purchased by a specific amount (like "$10 off"). 
  • A Percentage Off coupon, which decreases the price of products in the cart by a percentage (like "25% off")
  • A Free Shipping coupon, which allows all products in the cart to be shipped to the customer for free

Simply choose the type of coupon with the radio button.

Advanced Settings

Under the advanced tab are several optional settings that affect the conditions under which your coupons can be used.

Advanced coupon settings

Set a Minimum Order Total if you want to limit coupon redemptions to carts of a certain total. If a customer tries to apply the coupon to an amount less than the amount you specify here, he or she will be politely refused checkout.

To limit coupon usage to customers who buy a specific number of items -- for example, to offer 5% off when you buy ten items -- use the Minimum order quantity setting.

To limit the number of coupons you will have to honor, set the Minimum number of redemptions field appropriately. Using this setting you can, for example, offer $15 off for only the first ten customers who use the coupon.

Finally, to limit the categories that can be applied to the coupon, select the category or categories you want to be discounted. You can use the Command or CTRL key to select multiple categories on the list.

You can use any combination of these settings. For example, to offer $15 off to the first twenty people who buy at least $100 of merchandise, create a coupon for $100 off, with a minimum order total of $100 and a maximum number of redepemtions of 20.

Editing Coupons in bulk

You may also edit coupons in bulk, which makes handling a large amount at once easier. Select the coupons you wish to edit, and then select "Edit selected coupons in bulk". You have the option to delete, activate, or deactivate the select coupons.


How Customers Use Coupons

If you have at least one active coupon in your store, the cart page will automatically include a field to enter the coupon code.

customer coupon view

Coupons appear in the cart, and on invoices, as a separate line item.



I love couponing, but would like to have a code for free shipping.. with the same options (min amount, min # of items..)

Is this on the radar?


Axel McCarthy

Nancy, in fact the dev team is working on adding free shipping to the coupon system as we speak. Not much longer! :-)

Nancy Letbetter


Axel McCarthy

Nancy, we went live with free shipping coupons earlier this week. I've updated this page to show how it works. Hope you like the new feature!

Marilyn Patrick

Great ways suggested. Informative and interesting thank you for sharing.

Susan Toulouse

It would be nice if you could limit the number of times each customer used a coupon without limiting the number of customers that can use it.  Perhaps the customer account could be set to track this info.  Would be a nice touch.



Good Evening,

Is there any thought or discussing in your offices regarding the ability to add usage periods or expiration dates to coupons? Very few businesses actually have open-ended coupons but as we host sites with indiemade that is kind of what we forced to do (unless like me you have your calendar set with reminders for when various coupons should be deactivated). Thank you for listening!



Another Coupon option is needed.

I already offer free shipping and discounting is not a good business model.

Moving product is the name of the game and offering a bonus item is an excellent incentive to build purchase volume.

An option not strictly limited to "buy one / get one" is needed.

In my case, it would be: Buy (any) 3 items, Get one item free. 

Please add this feature.


I would like to add an automatic discount where a customer receives a certain amount off per additional item.
So if someone buys 3 belts for example, only the first belt is charged full price and each additional belt will be let's say $1 off. It seems I can do that with coupons, but I really would like it to happen automatically. I found the way where I can set specific items to be $1 off, but that applies to all items, and I only want it to apply if more than one is purchased.

IndieMade Support

We are working on some new automated discounts. We can do a minimum quantity and a fixed amount off. But once the minimum qualification is met it applies the discount to all qualifying items in the cart. So in your scenario once a person adds 3 belts to the cart they would receive a discount of $3 total.

Obviously if they had other non-qualifying items in the cart the discount would not be applied to those.

If you would like to pursue this open up a ticket and we can set this up.




Do we have free shipping available now.??


I am still unable to apply free shipping coupon..??


Hi, this feature is available at the bottom of the Store > Advanced Settings page.

Angela Gullion

I see this option below but I am wondering if there is a way to make a coupon for one individual item.  Or do I have to make that item in its own category and then coupon that 1 item within it?  Is that how I handle it? Thanks

Finally, to limit the categories that can be applied to the coupon, select the category or categories you want to be discounted. You can use the Command or CTRL key to select multiple categories on the list.


Hi Angela, that's correct -- you would create a category ( e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday ) and assign products to the category.

Let us know if you have more questions. For questions related to your specific setup, please send a message to support[at]

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