If you want to accept payments through PayPal, enable it as an option from the store > payments section of your dashboard. 

PayPal Options

New sites are automatically set up for payment through PayPal, with the email address given. If you want funds to go to a different account, you can specify the other account here.

When the customer checks out and selects PayPal as the payment option, the order will be placed into the Pending state, and the customer will be redirected to the PayPal site for completion of the order. 

Checking Out with PayPal

Customers do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay. They can also pay with credit or debit cards.

When the customer completes the payment, PayPal's servers send your IndieMade site a message (called an Instant Payment Notification, or IPN) informing it of the sale. On receipt of this message, the order is placed into the Payment received state, and the order is ready to be processed.




Will a standard Paypal account work with the shopping cart platform that you use? Does the platform require an Advanced or Platinum Paypal account?

Axel McCarthy

No need for a PayPal business account for IndieMade -- just plain ol' vanilla PayPal works fine.


Even when I have received a payment through paypal my orders are still showing as pending and the content is still available in the store, what am I doing wrong?

Axel McCarthy

Sally, you're not doing anything wrong, but your PayPal account may be misconfigured. Long story short, when a payment is completed, PayPal's computers send your IndieMade site a message called an "Instant Payment Notification," or IPN, saying that payment was made for a specific order. That triggers an order invoice being sent, digital files made available for download, inventory levels updated, and so on. So what's happening here is that your IndieMade site isn't getting that IPN, even though the payment was completed.

Log into your PayPal account that corresponds to your store, then visit Profile, then Selling Tools, then Instant Payment Notifications. Turn IPN on (and if it makes you add a secure URL, use Please note the https since PayPal requires a secure IPN callback! That should fix it... still not working? Open a support ticket and we'll try to help.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much Axel, that worked like a charm! I'm delighted :) 

IndieMade Support

Also wanted to note that SSL is now installed on all IndieMade addresses, PayPal does not currently require the callback to be secure but they might in the future and there is no reason not to use the secure callback:


I'm finding that my customers must have a paypal account in order to pay with a credit card but I was under the impression that they don't need a paypal account.

Am I doing something wrong?

Axel McCarthy

Hi Angel,

You're not doing anything wrong -- customers do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card. After they get to PayPal on the final checkout screen, there is an option "Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later." Click on that and it opens the credit card form, like this:

I took this screenshot from your IndieMade site just now. Hope this answers your question... if it doesn't, please feel free to open a support ticket so we can talk about your specific account.


THanks Axel, I totally see it now. THanks so much! YOu're the best!!!


Thanks so much Axel, I was wondering how this was done, just had a customer ask to pay without a paypal account, so this really came in handy!  You ROCK !

Theresa Bush

1. Even though I've had my Indie account for a while now, new orders have only come through my Etsy shop.  I don't do much business either way, although I hope to increase sales in 2016, so I don't look at this site very often (my bad, I know).  I suddenly worried that I may have actually had orders placed and have neglected to know about them.  Just exactly how will I be notified of a new order through this site?  

2. I am, frankly, very comfortable with dealing with Etsy for orders and shipping through Etsy.  I wish to keep this site open, however, but wonder if orders that might be placed here could be sent over to my Etsy shop for fulfillment.  (Crazy, I know.)

Thanks for your response.

Jessica Horvath

Thanks for your comment Theresa! When a new order is processed and paid for you will be notified via email. If you want to double check, all of your orders will appear when you log into your website and go to Dashboard > Store > Orders.

Take care,


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