Working with Products

Everything you want to sell on your IndieMade site -- a piece of jewelry, a painting, a PDF download, even access to a course you teach -- is represented by a product. You can add, edit, or delete products whenever you like.

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Laurie dill-Kocher


I am interested in having all of the images in the shop a detail and the exact same size.  I know that I am doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is.  Any help appreciated.



Axel McCarthy

Hi Laurie,

You're not doing anything wrong. For most (all?) of the themes, the product detail view shows all of the image that you've uploaded. The assumption is that when a customer is looking at the product page, he or she wants to see everything you've got to show.

If you want all the images to be the same you'll need to resize them yourself. Check out this handbook page for some info on that.

Hope this helps,



None of my products have an option for the customer to enter the qty that they want!  Maybe it's a silly question and I'm missing something right in front of my face, but how do I fix this?  Right now they would have to "add product" with no qty and change qty when in the cart for more than one. Please tell me I can fix this!!  Thank you.


IndieMade Support


We recently added this feature. You can enable this by going to your Dashboard > Store > Settings

Scroll down to the General Settings and click the Quantity Box.

For each product you will need to set the default quantity to 1 in order for this to show up on each product.


Shelle Pukas


Is there a way to rearrange the order of the products shown in your shop?  



Kai Ritchie

Hello Shelle,

Yes, there is a way to rearrange the order of products! On the left-hand side of each product of the listing, there is an arrows icon. Simply drag and drop to order your products. ;) 


Best of luck,


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