Editing Products in Bulk

If you want to make the same change to multiple products at a time, you can edit your items in bulk. This short four minute video shows you how. Further information is below.


First, go to your products page under Store > Products, and select the items you want to edit. You can save some time by using the “Select All” checkbox in the upper left hand corner, and uncheck products as needed.

Select All Products

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Edit Selected Products In Bulk”.

Edit in Bulk Button

The next page will show you the available bulk editing options.

bulk editing options

  • Hide/Show affects the visibility of the products. If you don’t want certain products to appear, you can Hide them, and to make them visible again, just select Show.
  • You can also Delete items in bulk. This change cannot be undone, however, so use this option wisely!
  • Adjust price allows you to raise/lower the price by the amount of your choice
  • Set Price & Set Stock allows you to change the price of items and quantity on hand.
  • Place in Category/Remove from Category will allow you to add items to a category or delete attached categories.
  • And Set Shipping Profile allows you to attach a shipping profile to items.
  • Send to top of product list & Send to bottom of product list pushes the selected products to the top/bottom of your product list

When you need to enter a specific value (ex. Set Price), a blank field will appear as shown.

Add New Value Field

When you’re ready to make the change, click Submit.

Submit Button

You should now see a message in green telling you that the products have been processed.

Green Processed Message