Working with Shipping

Your IndieMade store automatically calculates shipping costs, and collects those costs from your customers, based on the settings you provide. 

The following pages describe in more detail how shipping on IndieMade works.


Debbie Minter

Hi, I wondered if there is any plan to integrate shipping upgrades into your shipping profiles in the near future? I use these on Etsy and have found that many customers prefer to have the option of getting a package sooner than they might normally, so having the option to choose Priotirty over first class, or even Express means a lot. This is especially true over the holiday seaason. I would love to have the advantage of adding shipping upgrades for both domestic and international shipping.


Thank you!


Dhalree (Debbie)

Axel McCarthy

Debbie, we don't have plans to adopt this in the very short term -- the dev team is working on a handful of other priorities. However, we've heard this as a feature request from customers before, and it's definitely on the list! Thanks for the suggestion.

Crystal Little-Smith

Hi there! Is there a way to set shipping rates based on quantity? For example, 1-3 items cost $3 to ship, 4-6 items cost $4, etc? Sorry if this information exists somewhere & I'm just missing it.

Many thanks!


Axel McCarthy

Crystal, I'm sorry -- we only support the one shipping model. But you can get close to what you want with this one: the first one costs $3, every additional one costs $0.25. 

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