How Shipping is Calculated

Your IndieMade store automatically calculates shipping costs based on the products in the customer's cart, the countries to which they're being shipped, and the settings you provide.

Shipping costs are defined by two prices:

  • The cost of shipping one of the product, called the By Itself cost
  • The cost of shipping each additional product after the first, called the With Another cost

By making the With Another cost lower, you grant customers a discount for shipping when they combine products into the same order. 

If you don't want to give a shipping discount when the customer buys more than one, just enter the same value for both the By Itself and the With Another costs. If you want to charge the same fee no matter how many products are purchased, just enter zero for the With Another cost. And of course if shipping is free, just use zero in both elements.

You can set different costs for different countries, to account for differing international shipping rates. And you can create as many shipping profiles as you like, if you sell products that have different characteristics.

Examples of Combined Shipping

As an example, let's say your IndieMade site sells bowling balls, t-shirts, and paperclips. You might set up three different shipping profiles:

  1. Heavy, which covers the bowling balls. Products in this profile ship for $10 by itself and $5 with another product
  2. Clothing, for the t-shirts. Products in this profile ship for $3 by itself and $1.50 with another product
  3. Light, for paperclips and other small items. Products in this profile ship for $0.50 by itself and $0.00 for each additional product

Given these definitions, how much would it cost your buyer to purchase items in various shopping carts?

  • Two bowling balls would cost $15 to ship ($10 for the first, plus $5 for the second)
  • Ten t-shirts would cost $16.50 to ship ($3 for the first, plus $13.50 for the remaining nine shirts)
  • One hundred paperclips would cost $0.50 to ship 

If products in different shipping profiles are in the same cart, the most expensive product is counted as "first" and all other products as "additional." So for example, a cart consisting of a bowling ball and ten t-shirts would cost $25 to ship: $10 for the bowling ball, plus $15 for the ten t-shirts at $1.50 each.


Chris Kelley

Firstly, thank you thank you for changing the shipping profile. It's great to have different shipping prices for lighter and heavier things.

I have 2 questions:

1. If one customer buys 2 or more things, will they still be charged shipping for each item when they should be charged just one price?

2. Is there an easier way, or is it necessary to change each item listed in our store separately? That takes literally hours of time. It took me 2 hours to change almost 1/2 of my listings. I had to stop because it's really a lot.

Since Indiemade works with Etsy, I thought it would be ok to mention how easy there system is. You can go down your whole list of items and with the flick of the mouse change all of your listings in 5 minutes time. Just sayin'



Axel McCarthy

Hi Chris! Thanks for the questions.

Let's say you have a heavy and a light shipping profile, and a customer buys two bowling balls (heavy) and two paperclips (light) in one shopping cart. The system will take the most expensive profile first to count as the "by itself" cost, which in this example is the heavy one. The other products are "with another". So the "by itself" cost will be for the first bowling ball, and the other three items are just "with another" costs. 

I agree that bulk product editing would be helpful, especially at times like these. But if it's driving you crazy just open a support ticket and ask. The customer support reps have more tools at their disposal and can sometimes do this sort of thing easily.


Chris P. Bugni

Just for someone else reading this -- last year we released the bulk edit feature, so you can move products from shipping profile to shipping profile whenever you want.


I created two new profiles. When I go to set the rates, neither one gives the option under United States. Why? How do I set rates for the new profiles?

Sharley Culverhouse


I am sorry to be so useless but I can't work out how to set shipping? I am I the UK and have no idea how to set the basic shipping for UK customers let alone any international! Please help ! 


Hi Sharley, here are the steps to setup shipping:

If you get stuck along the way, send us a message using the support email ( ); and we'd be happy to take a look from your account.



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