Rates and Destinations

A shipping profile is a group of countries and their corresponding shipping rates. To change the countries and rates for a shipping profile, from your dashboard visit store > shipping and then click on Rates underneath the name of the shipping profile you want. You will be taken to the Rates and Destinations screen for that profile.

Common Destinations

At the top of the screen you will see a short table of rates for your most common destinations. This list includes your home country, plus the top four or five destinations as calculated from your order history.

Enabled shipping countries

To change the rates for a country, simply click on Edit on the right-most column.

Enabling Shipping to Specific Countries

By default, a new IndieMade site offers shipping only to the United States and Canada. To enable shipping to different countries, scoll to the bottom of the Rates and Destinations page to see a list of continents.

enabling shipping countries

This table displays the name of the continent, number of countries in the content, and a summary of the countries to which you are shipping for this profile. In this example, shipping has been enabled for Canada, Mexico, and the US only.

To change the countries you ship to, click on Edit for the continent you want to edit. You will see a list of countries for that continent.

select enable shipping countries

Every country in the continent you picked are displayed in this table. If a country isn't enabled -- that is, if a customer cannot select it as the ship-to address in the checkout process -- then the country name will appear in italiics, and there will be no prices shown under By Itself or With Another. If a country is enabled, its name will appear in normal text, and the shipping rates will be shown.

To edit the rates for a specific country, or to enable or disable that country, click on the Edit link in the right-most column. 

To edit the rates for a number of countries at once, or to enable or disable a number of countries at once, check the appropriate boxes in the left-most column, then click on the Edit selected countries button at the bottom of the form.

To edit the rates for all countries in a continent, or to enable or disable all the countries in that continent at once, check the box in the left-most field of the table header.

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