Shipping Profiles

Some stores carry products of radically different size or weight. By setting up different Shipping Profiles, you're able to charge the right amount to ship every kind of product you sell.

This three-minute video gives a brief overview of how to set up shipping profiles.


A shipping profile is simply a list of countries to which you'll ship, and the rates to charge customers for products when shipping to those countries. From your dashboard, navigate to store > shipping. You'll see a list of the shipping profiles that are available in your store. 

Shipping profiles main page

The name and description of each shipping profile are private to you; your customers will never see them. In the Shipping To column you'll see a summary of the destinations that have been enabled for that profile. The Products column shows a count of the products that are currently using that shipping profile. 

Creating a New Shipping Profile

When you first create your site, you get a default shipping profile called Standard, configured for free shipping to the United States and Canada. To create a new shipping profile, click on + Add a New Shipping Profile. The Create Shipping Profile screen will appear.

Create shipping profile

Fill out the form with the name and description of your profile and submit the form. Note that the name and description are not shown to your customers; they are only for you, to make it easier for you to manage your shipping profiles.

Deleting a Shipping Profile

To delete a shipping profile, simply click on the Delete link under the name of the profile. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Every shippable product must be assigned a shipping profile, so If there are any products using the shipping profile you want to delete, you'll have to identify which shipping profile they should be assingned to by selecting it from the dropdown box.

You must have at least one shipping profile in your store, so you cannot delete your last shipping profile.

Show Shipping Quote Table

To have a Shipping Quote Table under your product description, in your dashboard navigate to Design > Basics. Under your theme's settings, check "Show shipping quote table on product details". 


Laurie dill-Kocher


It won't let me save a free shipping option, what am I doing wrong?

Jessica Horvath

Hi Laurie

Thanks for your comment. You should be able to enter "0" for your rates to make shipping free. I'm moving your issue over to our ticketing system so we can track your issue better.

I appreciate your patience in the meantime!


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