Working with Taxes

Configure your store's taxes from the store > taxes portion of the dashboard.

An important note: of course, IndieMade can't give tax advice. IndieMade provides a means for you to collect taxes, but it is entirely up to you, as a site owner, to research and properly apply the local laws regarding the collecting of tax that apply to you and your goods or services. If you don't know what to do, it's probably best to consult an accountant or other tax specialist.

You can set up as many tax rules as you need. Each tax rule consists of a name (which will be shown to your customers), a country, a state or province, and a rate. For U.S. states, you can also provide a zip code or range of zip codes. You can also specify whether tax should be applied to shipping costs (by default, they are not).

All existing tax rates are displayed in a table.

A list of active tax rates

The delivery address given by your customer affects which tax rules apply. In this example, if a customer was having her order shipped to an address in Quebec, then two separate tax lines would appear on her invoice: one for QST at 9.975% and a second for GST at 5%. Any shipping costs the customer may have incurred will not affect the tax collected.

Add a New Tax Rate

To add a new tax rate, click on Add a New Tax Rate. You will be shown a form to fill in like the following.

Adding a Tax Rate 

If there is a single tax rate for the entire country, choose All of country for the state/province pulldown. For the United States, you may assign a single rate to the entire state, or you can further specify it by a zip code or range of zip codes.



Dan Bubis

I have Paypal set up to charge taxes on check out. This is because other sites use the same Paypal account. I realize that I can set up a tax rate on Indiemade but I'm concerned that the customer will be double taxed. I did a test cart and went through the complete Paypal and tax wasn't added even though the correct address was sent through to Paypal. On our other sites, the correct tax is added by Paypal. How can I fix the Indiemade side of things.

Your ticketing system doesn't work right. When you fill out the form and hit save, the Captcha page pops up but the comment block is cleared and you have to re-type your question. All the other fields are retained. Using Firefox for browser.

Jessica Horvath

Hi Dan - Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to submit a ticket through the form! Alternatively you can send us an email at

I'll be happy to take a closer look at your set-up, and get back in touch with you.

I appreciate your patience in the meantime :)





Dear Indie,

I plan to use Stripe and PayPal if I complete my set up here March 2017.

Is there any fix on this since 2015 comments above?

Would it be better to configure tax rates on PP and Stripe instead of Indie?

Thank you,




IndieMade Support


PayPal and Stripe will only charge your customer the amount of the order including tax. They will not add tax to your order.

Did that answer your question?


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