Importing Tax Rules in Bulk

If you live in a jurisdiction with lots of different tax rules, it can be a challenge to keep your site properly configured. To make keeping up to date easier, you can upload multiple tax rates in bulk with a CSV file.

An important note: of course, IndieMade can't give tax advice. IndieMade provides a means for you to collect taxes, but it is entirely up to you, as a site owner, to research and properly apply the local laws regarding the collecting of tax that apply to you and your goods or services. If you don't know what to do, it's probably best to consult an accountant or other tax specialist.

Log into your dashboard, then visit store > taxes. Click on the link Import Tax Rates from CSV. On the next screen, browse for your CSV file, and specify whether taxes apply to shipping or not. 

Import tax rates from a CSV file

When you click on Import Rates, the file will be uploaded and a new tax rule added for each of the rows of the spreadsheet. 

The first row of the spreadsheet should include the column headers, as follows:

  • Country (two-character code)
  • State (abbreviation)
  • ZIP Code (if applicable)
  • Name (of the rate, to be shown to customers)
  • Rate (as a percentage)

Attached to this page, purely as an example of the format, is a spreadsheet with Canadian tax rates for 2014.

Importing from

IndieMade supports the tax file format used by, a site from which customers in the United States can download files containing tax rules for every zip code in their state. 

To do this, visit the Download Sales Tax Page and select your state.

Select a State to Download

After you've downloaded the file for your state, just upload it using the method described above.

You can re-upload rates as often as the tax rules themselves change: existing rates for the jurisdictions of the spreadsheet will be replaced.

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