Website Settings

The website section includes information that helps in the branding and operation of your IndieMade site.


Click on the website tab and go under settings. Enter your basic information, including your site’s name (which will appear as the title of all web pages), your e-mail address, a slogan or tagline, and a footer message, if desired.

Select your local time zone in the Locale section. 

website settings page

Google Analytics

To activate Google Analytics for your IndieMade site, enter your Web Property ID (it will be in the form of UA-xxxxxxx-yy) in the box under "Google Analytics" and hit the "Save Configuration" button. That's it! No need to enter any code, anywhere.

If you are using IndieMade's store feature -- if you're selling products, in other words -- you'll want to enable eCommerce tracking so that you get the most out of your usage data. Follow Google's instructions to turn on eCommerce tracking, but that's all you need to do: just turn it on. Your IndieMade site will automatically send sales information to Google for your later analysis.

(If you do not have a Google Analytics account, go to and sign up for one. It's easy and the site will walk you through the process. You will probably want to enable ecommerce tracking in your profile, so you can analyze products and sales.)

Click the Save configuration button to finalize your changes.


Nancy Almand

I added a slogan and saved/updated it, but it is not showing on website.

Axel McCarthy

Your slogan is used in your site's header section, until you upload a banner to replace it.

But your slogan is still used in a variety of other ways: it shows up in order invoices, for example. It's used when displaying your site's home page in bookmarks, and in search engine results pages. And so on.


Hi, I was going through Webmaster Tools at Google and they say my site doesn't have a site map. Am I missing the place to implement that feature? I sure could use it to let Google know about my site. It seems to have hardly any of my pages in their search engine.
Thank you.

Axel McCarthy

Cindy, not sure why Webmaster Tools is complaining about the sitemap! One is generated for you automatically whenever the content on your site changes (yours is at , for example -- I'm posting it here because there's nothing secret about it), and it's submitted to Google every night (in your case, ten minutes after you wrote this comment -- I checked the logs.)

Maria Tyra

Can I change the email address or add an email address to the site? Or is this something I have to do with my domain provider?

Axel McCarthy

Hi Maria! We don't offer email -- we just do websites! So if you want to add an email address to your account, you'd do that through your email provider. However, if you just want the site email address to change, or the PayPal email where payments should go, you can make those changes using the dashboard.

Mary Roberts

No email boxes? Looks like I just wasted some time signing up for the 30-day trial. *sigh*

Chris P. Bugni

Sorry if it wasn't clear, but we focus only on the websites. You can use any email provider with our services, free or paid.
Majyk Stella

I'm sure it is here but I can't find how I want to display my listings.  I don't want them last one listed.  I moved a few upstairs, but there are almost 150 listings and they are currently being sorted by listing date on my home shopping page.

Axel McCarthy

In your store > settings page you can drag the little crosshairs icon and drop the product wherever you want it to be.

Allison Jesse

I pasted my GA Web Property ID into the box, but when I go to my GA account, it says tracking not installed.  It says to copy the code into each page I want tracked, but this article says we shouldn't have to do that.  Am I missing something?

Axel McCarthy

Google says: "It can take up to 24 hours for the Google Analytics servers to update after you make a change to your tracking code, so if you’ve recently completed or changed your set up, wait before you check to see if it’s working."

If it's been less than a day, I'd just sit tight and wait. I checked your site and it appears to be working properly from everything I can see over here. 

Allison Jesse

Thanks so much :) I am very new to GA and it's a bit overwhelming at first!

Nancy Ryan

I have tried to find my website using google but am told that cannot be found. Am I doing something wrong?

Chris P. Bugni

Nancy, your site is at -- there's no www at the front.

Every night, your site is submitted to the search engines for indexing. It can take some time before you show up in Google's index though, we don't control how often they come to index your site.

Nancy Jo Perez

I have not been able to get a link to my business facebook page.  Every attempt I have made has been rejected.  Help please.

Chris P. Bugni

Nancy, please open a support ticket so you can get personal help:

Gary Scott Graves

I have a footer on a web page  called "Health Care"  when the user hovers over the link I woould like a description to appear somewhere.

When the user clicks on that footer called "Health Care" I would like to direct the user to the HEALTH CARE SITE.


Hi Gary, we can take a look. Please send a message to


I get no results, a blank page, when I try to see and an error page if I try So was one not created for my site?


Hi Kitten,

We needed to clear the cache. Here is the sitemap:

Thanks for letting us know.

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