Using the contacts page

We now store any messages you get from your contact form under Website > Contacts in your dashboard. This brings up a list of all the messages you have gotten from your contact form.

The contact form has a spam filter, and any contacts that are detected as spam will be moved to "Marked Spam" and you will not recieve an e-mail notifcation for it.

If you recieve a spam contact and it gets past the filter, click the "submit spam" link on the right side. It will be moved to the "Marked Spam" spam and the contents submitted to the filter to better detect similar spam in future messages.


Contact Settings

The settings tab of "Contacts" allows you to change what users see when using it, disable sending messages from the contact form to your e-mail, or disable the contact form entirely.

  • The option "Hide the contact form" completely disables the contact form. Make sure you also hide the menu link for the contact form by dragging it under "Do not display in navigation" under Content > Pages.
  • Unchecking "Send contacts to my email address" makes it so that the contact form only adds the contact message under the "Contacts" list page, and you won't recieve an e-mail about it.
  • "General Contact Information" is the information that displays on the contact form page.
  • "Contact Form Submission Message" is the message that appears on the page when a user submits the contact form.

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