Advanced Store Settings

Additional settings for your Store can be found under Store > Advanced Settings. Regular settings may be found under Store > settings!


Display stock on hand displays how much stock is left when you are tracking stock for a product. There are also settings whether to still display a product in the store when it is sold out.

Quantity box allows customers to enter the quantity on a product page when adding it to their cart, so they have an easy way of adding multiple to their cart.

The "Require e-mail confirmation" option makes sure your customers do not mistype their email by requiring it to be entered twice on checkout. This helps prevent orders with incorrect emails.

Advanced settings also has an option to enable sales tax on digital downloads. Some states and countries may require a sales tax on digital goods, check the requirements for your location to see if you need this option.

"Show shipping profiles on product admin list" provides some extra data on the product dashboard, so you may see what shipping profile a product has.

The 2 following options are for the look of your store sections sidebar. The first causes your sections to be sorted alphabetically in the sidebar, and the second removes your store name from the store sections sidebar. For example, if your shop name is "Shiny Turtles", then without this option checked the store section will display as "Shiny Turtles Sections".

"Enable free shipping by minimum" is very useful for those who wish to provide free shipping for orders over a certain amount. To use it, enter the minimum order amount required for free shipping and select the countries that this applies to.


The final option, "Disable mouse click right click" is to protect your site from basic users attempting to steal your content.With this option enabled it prevents them from right clicking to steal your images. This does not apply if you are logged in as the store owner. Keep in mind technologically advanced customers may find ways around this.


Jeremy A. Cunningham

It seems that every time you go to the home page, the items are listed in the order they were added. Is it possible to put randomness in there, so repeat visits show different products?


Hi Jeremy, our development team can take a look. Can you send a message to ( If you are a current IndieMade merchant, please be sure to send from email account linked to your account. Thanks! )

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