Creating a category landing page

To create a Category Landing Page, navigate to Design > Navigation

At the bottom, under the store page section, select the option “Display all categories with photos.”

Click the “Save Configuration” button, and you are now ready to add pictures to your categories. Navigate to Store > Categories

Click “Edit” on the category you wish to add a picture to.


Under the Category Image section, click “Choose File”. Once your file has been uploaded, hit the “Save” button. 

After uploading pictures for all your categories, your category landing page will be complete.


Miraculous Mosquito

Hello,  I was wondering if there is any way to make the category titles invisible? I want to make custom images on photoshop, which say the name of my categories, instead of the text that is already provided with the category page, as the text doesn't really suit the look of my website.  I thought of making them the same colour as the page, but I think that might change the colour of the clickable links on all the other pages too, which I don't really want...hope that all makes sense!


Hi Nanette, we can hide the store categories; and have created a support ticket to update you when done.

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