IndieMade Product Reviews

Product Reviews are currently in beta testing feel free to try out reviews and report any problems to support.

Product reviews allow your existing customers to post a review to any product. A customer must be logged in to their user account before posting a review. The review form will appear at the bottom of each product. As a store owner you can also post a review on behalf of a customer even if they purchased the product elsewhere. And unlike many sites since you own your store you have full moderation over your reviews.

To Enable Product Reviews

In your Dashboard go to Website > Settings at the bottom of the page check "Enable Product Reviews"

You should now see the "Reviews' link in your Store Dashboard. Go to Store > Reviews.

To Disable Product Reviews.

Once you install the reviews functionality above you can always disable reviews by going Dashboard > Store > Reviews and click on the Settings tab.

To moderate or manually add a product review for a customer.

Go to your Dashboard > Store > Reviews (on the left hand column).

Click the Add Review Button.

Enter a rating, feedback, the reviewer and choose a product.

Please note that you can choose an actual customer from your site or you can optionally put in 'Other Reviewer'

All reviews page

You now have the option of having a page dedicated to showcasing all the reviews your customers have given. To create an all reviews page, visit Design > Navigation, and enter a title for "All Reviews".

Anonymous Reviews

The Anonymous reviews option allows anyone to leave a review of your product. This makes it easy for customers who may have bought your product somewhere else, or are not logged in to leave a review. You can find this option under Website > Settings.

Of course, if anyone can leave a review, they can leave a spam reviews. There is a captcha to prevent the use of bots to spam reviews, but actual people can say anything they like. To combat this, anonymous reviews come in as unpublished. You may monitor and publish the legitimate reviews under Store > Reviews. Use the buttons on the "Visible" column to toggle a reviews visibility.


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