Adding quantity box in product description

Adding Quantity Box

Customers have the option of chosing product quantity at checkout; they may also have the option of selecting the quanity before they even select add to cart. To add a quantity box in product description, simply check quantity box in dashboard>store>advanced settings.


You have an additional option to customize the set quantity of individual products. You may do this by going to dashboard>store>products, and selecting edit option under the product you'd like to edit. Next, under the product information dropdown menu, you have the option of setting the default quantity. 

If this is set to one, one product will be added to cart when they select add to cart and it will look something like this:

If you have default quantity set to one, and do not have the quantity box option delected in advanced settings, the quantity box will not be displayed but the set quantity of one will automatically be added to card when they push add to cart.

Setting the default quantity to zero will disable the additional quanity box for that product. 

Don't forget to save after any changes!

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