IndieMade Writers Guidelines

Working Together

IndieMade hires professional writers as independent consultants to write about indie business topics.

Each writer will provide "Content" (article, blog post, video, screencast or a combination of these) regarding marketing creative businesses and artists, the business side of the creative business or arts business topics, events and people.  Please use LOTS of images.  Images are key!

IndieMade purchases the original content (words, images, video, sound, etc.) and copyright from our writers. Your writing is considered a "work-for-hire." Your content cannot be reused by you or anyone else in any form.  Credited images are not included in purchase.

Getting Started Checklist

Send along a short biography (1 - 2 short paragraphs) and at least a 200 x 200 pixel picture for profile.
Once a link to the internal writers website, please select an article topic from the list of "content needed" list, all information must be included.
Once complete, send in article to and submit to the writers website.  We may ask for one round of revisions, but otherwise, we will post on your behalf.  If you have any questions, just shoot us an email.

Posting Checklist

Please follow preferred external link strategy -- when covering artists, we encourage the use of external links to artists' urls. In order of preference, link should be directed to 1) the artist's IndieMade site; 2) blog; 3) his or her custom website; 4) marketplace store.

***with external links, please ask for a reciprocal link back to your blog post.  (Ask subject of content to also link back to your article)***

Please submit content by uploading and formatting on website, using login credentials provided by IndieMade, by deadline.

Please submit fact-checked, original content.

Don't get too clever with your wording.  You are also writing for MACHINES. Search engines won't get the joke. Think about your audience when you write and how they might search for such an article.

Using Images
Images uploaded to the IndieMade Blog must be in jpg format. Include credit info if you did not take the photo/create the image. Please do not link images to other ecommerce platforms or marketplaces unless approved.

Please credit all images appropriately. We prefer the use of original images, but accept credited images to accompany written content. A properly credited image is either an image:

(a) owned by the contributor,

(b) used with permission of the copyright owner; or 

(c) an image that is in the public domain or licensed under creative commons for commercial attribution.  Feel free to do a Google image search for images that have been labeled for reuse or check out

Use CK Editor (WYSIWYG) built into the blog or straight HTML. Use single spacing; no double spacing, please. 

Do not indent your paragraphs. Please use only one space between sentences.  Please see other blog posts for styles.  

Post title is H1, H2 may be used for section headers. Use double spaces between sections only.

Citing Resources Include a list of any resources you used, including books, magazine articles, and web sites. This list will be used to cross-check your article, if needed, and may be included at the end of your piece as a “For further reading...” guide.

Please use tags in the IndieMade List, if you want to use another tag, please shoot us an email.

Follow the grammatical conventions of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Once submitted, your post will be "unpublished."  IndieMade will review your post, possibly ask for one round of changes and will publish your article.  We will let you know when it goes live!

Link to your article from your website, blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook accounts!  This is a must.  :)

Questions?  We love to answer questions. Email us! 

Getting Paid

  • Send invoice (with date, invoice number, title of article) to IndieMade Editor with a copy of article in email body, high resolution pics/video attached or uploaded to, Google Drive or uploaded to internal writers site.
  • IndieMade pays writers by check or by PayPal according to the current published IndieMade Content Rate Card within 30 days of receiving a writer's invoice.


  • Writers should either select an article on the writers website or pitch a story to


  • IndieMade will create a Contributor Profile for you on
  • Writers will be credited for each piece of content published on
  • will link to writer's profile on

Effective date: June 10, 2014