Creative Marketing

Marketing for artists has become faster and easier than ever. Free sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allow makers to share their work with the world and put their products in front of as many potential customers as possible. Our section on marketing for artists will show you how to get the most out of online marketing opportunities without feeling like a sleazy used-car salesman.

A calendar can help you balance time spent between production and marketing.

Marketing Strategy Tips: Use Marketing Shortcuts to Make Time for Promotion

There are plenty of marketing strategy tips out there, but what do you do when you're finding it tough to make time to promote your work at all? The solution: streamline your efforts. These marketing shortcuts can help you promote yourself more quickly and efficiently, freeing up time to run the many other aspects of your creative business.
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Online Marketing for Artists: Using Twitter for Business

Twitter is a quick and easy method of online marketing for artists — in a quick 140-character-or-less message you can dash off a message to your fans about new products, sales, promotions, or anything else that your target market might find interesting or useful. Using Twitter for business might seem intimidating at first, but these tips will break it down for new users and seasoned business owners alike.


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