Customer Service Tips

You probably don't run your creative business like a big corporation. But artists still need to learn how to give great customer service, or else they won't stay in business for long – unhappy buyers tend to talk about their bad experiences! This section will show you how to give great customer service whether you're resolving a buyer's complaint, communicating your store policies, or simply helping every shopper feel special and cared for when he or she visits your store.

Dealing with Disappointment

The big holiday rush is over, and thank goodness you survived. But what's this? Someone is not entirely pleased with your product or service! What to do?

Don't panic. Panicking will only make the situation worse. Instead, be prepared with these solid, successful ways to rectify the problem and soothe your customer's soul:

Unhappy customer

Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Dealing with unhappy customers in your indie business is never fun, and it'll happen to every business owner sooner or later. But resolving their issues is a vital part of customer service. Follow these tips for dealing with customer complaints and you'll see how to turn an issue into a positive resolution for your buyers. (Photo by David Castillo Dominici)


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